2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Media Placement UM MENA Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The Ramadan campaign that didn't launch in Ramadan's central tension point was the fact that as a challenger brand, with way less budget to spend than the country's telco giants, we couldn't break through the huge communication clutter of Ramadan, the super bowl of the Middle East, with all media channels and content providers launching special Ramadan programs featuring high paying advertisers. Knowing that, and being the fair Telco, we decided to wait until all the activity of Ramadan cools down, to be more visible and deliver one very important message: Ramadan's fairness needs to be all year long.


Jawwy, a mobile telecom brand that launched in 2016, isn’t like any other mobile subscription brand: it lets Saudi customers downgrade plans at any time, get instant refunds on unused data and minutes and share the plan across multiple devices. It’s a first of its kind fairer service. The problem is that the Saudi telecom market is a fierce place to do business. It’s saturated with competition, there’s minimal growth and the penetration of mobile phone subscription is over 100% with customers who are extremely price sensitive . So, if you’re Jawwy, the only way to grow is through market penetration by taking customers from competitors. Ramadan is an opportunity to go up against some of the bigger brands by doing something different and creating an emotional, more purposeful connection. There was just one glitch: how to overcome the congested and cluttered month of Ramadan.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

The Ramadan campaign that didn’t run in Ramadan: show how the spirit of Ramadan shouldn’t stop when Ramadan ends. The Ramadan campaign that didn’t happen in Ramadan was designed to extend the spirit of Ramadan beyond the month of Ramadan. To deliver the marketing reach, engagement and impact that we were looking for the communications needed to be a 360degree initiative across digital and off-line channels. But we didn’t have the budget to blitz every channel, so we defined our channel strategy as: From the screen to the street.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Our core audience are Saudi millennials. Their mobile phone isn’t about connections it’s a gateway to the world. That’s why they watch more youtube than anyone else , spend over 6hrs daily online, are the heaviest users of social media and the largest snapchat audience in the world. But there’s another side to this audience that’s important to Jawwy’s challenge, they strongly believe in the value of benevolent collectivism. For a lot of them, Ramadan still remains the most sacred time for charity, empathy and humility that’s why, even for younger generations, the occasion is still the most important time of the year. So with that, and knowing that Jawwy is the fairer telco company we decided it's only fair we help expand all the goodness of Ramadan to all months of the year.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The nature of our campaign led us to operate in the digital space and + the local community one, where our target can take positive action. Doing everything after Ramadan ended, and to take the spirit of Ramadan beyond its month, we launched by asking people if they’re prepared to keep the Ramadan spirit going for the rest of the year followed by a challenging video that dramatized the reality of people behaving differently during and after Ramadan. Within days we had over 8m views. We complemented this by inviting people to take a good deed pledge through a microsite and share that on their social feed. We encouraged this with on ground activations like setting up donation boxes in supermarkets and partnered up with Etaam to host free meals at local Mosques. All outside Ramadan. The campaign encouraged other brands to do the same and extend their Ramadan campaign.

List the results (30% of vote)

On the specific objectives, this is how the campaign performed: Business Growth : We aimed to increase weekly revenues by 105%; we actually delivered +170% growth versus 2018. Brand Awareness: We aimed to deliver 1% growth in awareness levels but achieved a 15% growth in total brand awareness and 43% growth in aided awareness. Our launch video generated over 11m views in a week Other brands decided to get in on the act and extended their Ramadan offers beyond the month By doing this, we created a powerful sense of altruism in the community. Rather than stop at Eid, we compelled people to carry on being the best they can.


Name Company Role
Dany Azzi Fp7 RUH Executive creative director
Nidal Bouhamdan Fp7 RUH Senior Art director
Jad Abdelkader Fp7 RUH Digital project manager
Samar Abdelmalek Fp7 RUH Digital account manager
Khaled Zahran Fp7 RUH Digital Art Director
Mario Morby Fp7 DxB Head of planning
Anis Zantout Fp7 MENAT Digital digital director
Marc Lawandos Fp7 RUH Managing Director
Carl Bou Abdallah Fp7 MENAT Planning manager
Hosam Mobarak Fp7 RUH Head of Copy
Elizabeth Abou Haidar Fp7 RUH English copywriter
Mohamed Helmy Fp7 RUH Senior Graphic Designer