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Product/ServiceSTC PAY APP
CategoryConsumer Services / Business to Business

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The success of the campaign was built on hijacking the salary week and having a consistent message that ran across all digital and traditional channels at the same time. With a very specific target audience of household providers in mind, who are usually making monthly transfers to their dependents, we wanted to reach them at the exact time and place this would be a priority. Every channel was used to directly speak to them or their household members, utilizing high-traffic family areas, TV and social media platforms to also reach their children and expat workers in order meet our objectives.


STC Pay is a digital wallet app that permits users to send, receive and manage their finances simply by using their phone, however people were using the services sporadically despite its convenience. Lack of awareness and usage were the main concerns for the brief, while 93.2% of Saudis are smartphone users, but they are creatures of habit and usually opt for traditional services over digital ones especially when it comes to managing their finances. And considering that fathers are sending money to their dependents on a monthly basis, it would not only increase active users among household providers, it will also increase awareness and usage among the youth and expats.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

You can’t do much without cash, that is a fact of life, and every person at any nationality or age can appreciate the moment of finally having it at the end of every month. With our target audience in mind, we identified that the feeling of excitement when they finally receive their allowances and salaries is what they all have in common. It’s something that will undeniably bring everyone joy, and what portrays happiness more than anything? dancing! We wanted to document that feeling by showcasing the father, children and workers at the exact moment they receive their deposit messages, with them immediately breaking into a dance. The dance was only a tool to express their joy and was supported with a catchy salary song, stc pay became the application that transfers joy, allowing us to own that moment among Saudis during the salary week.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Our primary target were household decision makers, who are males between the ages of 30-55, it was vital to give them a reason beyond product benefits to convince them to use the application for their monthly transfers. We launched in all channels during the salary week when fathers are thinking about their financial obligations, presenting stc pay as an immediate solution. To reach families, we utilized high-traffic areas such as malls as well as their favorite tv shows, while also having spots on sports programs, football stadiums and the radio to directly speak to fathers. By targeting them, we knew the service would also reach their children and expat workers, and to strengthen the message, social-media was used to reach them. So, we asked fathers to share that amazing feeling with his family telling them to “transfer with stc

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign launched during the salary week to inspire households to start using the application immediately, we went out on all mediums at once and ran across the country for 2 weeks To target families, LED screens and mupis were placed in malls where they spend majority of their leisure time, as well as a segment on‘Tafaloukm’ which is one of the most viewed shows in Saudi households. LED screens in football stadiums were used alongside sports shows to directly reach our primary target of fathers, while on radio we had 425 spots across the top radio stations which played the catchy salary song. As for digital we wanted to achieve mass reach by using social media platforms, adding special executions such as ‘salary dance’tutorials &competitions, being one of the first in the region to use twitter blocks to target each member of the household with their respective visual

List the results (30% of vote)

Business results: • App downloads during the launch month: 528,800 installs –74% over our objective • Total number of downloads since launch: 860,005 Installs – 45% over our target. • The total number of active users we currently have: over 580,000 – 35 percent over our target. Reach: • OOH: 1179 faces across the kingdom: 57% SOE • TV: Family & sports programs: 13% SOE • Radio: 425 spots in the top stations: 2% SEO • Digital: 136M+ impressions, 5M+ engagement and 36M+ video views (across all channels) Public opinion & content response: • The campaign has resulted in positive online feedback from expats, Saudis and the youth, with videos recreating the salary dance as well as fan made memes using the hashtag.


Name Company Role
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Operations Officer
Rayyan Aoun J. Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
Firas Ghannam J. Walter Thompson Associate Creative Director
Ahmad Shanaa J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Yazeed Al Harthi J. Walter Thompson Senior Copywriter
Manuel Kurkjian J. Walter Thompson Senior Copywriter
Abdulhadi Tulimat J. Walter Thompson Junior Art director
Tarek Hasan J. Walter Thompson Animator
Joe Aboudaher J. Walter Thompson Head of production KSA
Dana Alkutoubi J. Walter Thompson Head of Strategic Planning
Jad Haddad J. Walter Thompson Business Director
Rabie Hassoun J. Walter Thompson Account Director
Yara Sidani J. Walter Thompson Account Manager
Abdulrahman N Alageel Saudi Telecom Company Marketing and Communication Director - STC PAY
Abdulaziz Alrediny Saudi Telecom Company Campaign Manager
Abdulkarim Giraud Saudi Telecom Company Digital Manager
Nick - Truffle Films Director
Truffle Films Truffle films Production House
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