2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Gold Lynx
Idea Creation ELEPHANT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

HOHOs is a small cylindrical chocolate covered snack based on the classic Swiss roll. As a market leader, they had not advertised for 20 years, and were looking for something new to say. So we introduced this big announcement.

Provide the full film script in English.

I think it was Hashem’s idea. Hashem Adawi from HR. Just hear this idea, and throw it out We used to roll em this way, Correct. Now we will roll ‘em that way. Anti clockwise. What was it before? Clockwise. And boom! sales went thru the roof. I can’t keep up with the orders. orders. orders. orders. Sales are on fire. We hit our annual target in a week. This is another level. This is not the same company I joined years ago. Distribution is better. Focus groups are extremely happy. Huge difference. So much better. I can’t tell the difference Our product is now here , and our competition is here. That’s a big leap. Like 20cm or so. Maybe more. Is this our sales forecast? yep. I used to stir my tea in this direction. Now I stir in this direction. This is me before the new roll. This is me after the new roll. See what I’m talking about. Everyone at the company is in great spirits Employees are showing up early to work. We’re finally saying good morning to one another Good morning Tarek. Good morning. I feel much better. I wake up early. And the pain in my left knee is gone. I personally love to come to work now. Before anyone else gets here. I could never jump like this before. The concentration levels at our company are at an all-time high. This birthmark is a HoHo’s by the way, people think its an Oreo or a Twinkie, And of course, a new roll, needs a new look. This is the new look. All praise be to God. Was rolled this way. Now rolled this way. There’s no better way.


Name Company Role
Ali Ali Good People Director
Ali Ali Elephant Creative Director
Maged Nassar Elephant Copywriter
Abdullah Fareed Elephant Creative
Mahmoud Shokri Elephant Creative
Neviene Ragab Elephant Copywriter
Karim Ramadan Elephant Copywriter
Pierre Mouarkech Good People DOP
Khaled Zaki Good People Executive Producer
Sarah Touma Good People Producer
Omar Khalil Good People Producer
Nada Salama Good People Assistant Director
Nada Kamel Elephant Business Director
Mariam Radwan Elephant Account Director
Amr Rabea Good People Editor
Bilal Hibri Lucid Colorist
Nada Adel Elephant Wardrobe/Stylist
Hend Ghorab Elephant Creative Planning
Ahmed Samy Edita VP of Marketing
Celine Berzi Edita Group Marketing Manager
Shahinda Sadek Edita Senior Brand Manager