2018 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantPIMO Beirut, LEBANON
CategoryUse of Technology
Idea Creation PIMO Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

Germs are everywhere and easy to forget their danger. We needed to intrigue shoppers and inform them about Milton in a fun way, avoiding the alarming tone of voice. So we decided to brand the trolleys of the supermarket with a statement : Millions of germs are transmitted by hand daily, to get rid of them, download the Milton "Germinator app” while using augmented reality. The hero of this application is a germ that was created specially for Milton. Once the app is downloaded, and the marker is scanned with camera phone, the germ shows on the screen and the shopper aims at it with Milton and gets rid of it. So the shoppers had the opportunity to discover the effect of Milton products in a fun and engaging way and activation raised awareness about the abundance of germs even in the most unpredictable places.

Creative Execution

The activation took place in 4 of the biggest Spinneys supermarkets in the country in terms of size and number of shoppers for a period of 10 days. It started end of month where people go to shop for the family, supermarkets are crowded during this time. A team of 40 people, were responsible of sticking the branding on the trolleys handles early morning. The app was downloaded for free at Milton booth where a dedicated promoter was present to help the consumers and advise them about the app. Milton booth enjoyed a strategic location near the vegetables/fruits area in order to attract the consumers heading to buy from there. The feedback was impressive, the shoppers loved the app and the kids enjoyed it with their mothers.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

-More than 1,270 trolleys handles were branded with the Milton activation message in 4 of the biggest Spinney's branches in the country, with more than 200,000 shoppers exposed to the trolleys. -62% increase in sales was witnessed after the activation took place.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

In 2017 Milton, was celebrating more than 65 years of protecting young babies and keeping households free of 99.9% of germs and was relaunching its range in Lebanon. To double the impact of this brand in one of the biggest POS in Lebanon, we have combined the promotional aspect with the activation side in order to intrigue, engage and create awareness of MILTON in an effective way. The branding of the trolley handles was the intriguing part, the augmented reality was the engaging part and an informative stand where live demo of the product took place.

The main target was housewives since they are the decision makers in this category of products and they are the caretaker of the families. They want to give the best to their children whatever it takes. These mothers are mainly middle upper class, they are working mothers, they are open to change from traditional to new techniques. They shop mainly in big surfaces where they come often with their kids. They are into technology, aware about application and innovations. They are ready to learn, to discover and they try new products that convince them.


Name Company Role
Madona Zeidan PIMO Creative Director
Rania Barakat PIMO Associate Creative Director
Sarita Saad PIMO Copywriter
Ronnie Aouad PIMO Production Manager
Joumana Micaelian PIMO Group Communication Director
Charles Daccache Bright Lab Techincal Manager