2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Technology

The Campaign

The power of VR as an empathy machine, to create measurable and positive behavior change for our audiences using technology. With the many many messages our audience are being subjected to, traditional media has to work very hard to make them feel empathetic and respond. VR’s sheer form factor and the isolating experience it engenders, inspires focus like no other medium before it. And when we marry that with the user experience of seeing and hearing the world from another human’s perspective, you get what they call “the empathy machine.” The normal communications channels that are currently used are not driving enough people to donate. Tkiyet Um Ali utilize different media: TV, Radio, magazines, and newspapers, however, they are not getting the results they are hoping to achieve. The main channel selected for this campaign is experiential marketing. Since VR is limited to head-mounted displays for the best experience, therefore

Creative Execution

The first location where we decided to pilot the VR experience was in one of the most prestigious malls in Amman - City Mall - with the aim of disrupting the status quo of wealthy Jordanians. Creating a shocking factor the mall visitors didn’t expect to experience. We rebranded the current donation station to reflect the humble house of Um Karim, the user will be transported to Um Karim's home and witnesses her daily struggle as she makes ends meet as much as she can. Digital also played a part in creating awareness for the campaign, hype and buzz about our VR experience was needed. The aim is: •Drive traffic to the booth, by informing people that there is a Samsung VR at City Mall, leveraging on the high demand of Samsung's brand. Local Influencers: to talk about the campaign, as to utilize their fan base and provide further exposure.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The results were significant because it showed the impact of VR on people’s behavior as an empathy machine. The outcome and results proved to be impactful and effective. The below results were achieved: • The donation box in the mall helped raise 600% more donations than the average amount raised from a single donation box. • Spillover results: online donations increased by 40% during the period of the campaign. Leads were generated from sharing the 360 VR video on the social media channels. It was an opener for us to think of online as a solid donation channel. VR video viewed on web and mobile browsers proved to have an impact on people's donation behavior. It’s worth mentioning that due to the success of the pilot experiment, the second phase of this project is being currently implemented. We are extending the VR experience to 20 key locations in Amman.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Virtual Reality is the biggest change in the way media is consumed since the internet; in fact it is a paradigm shift. It is worthy of an award because in this instance, we demonstrated how using VR for storytelling can create an emotional connection with consumers and ultimately influence their behavior. VR has not been used as means of entertainment, but as an informative tool that results in action. VR content has the power to let people see what it feels like to be from a different gender, social class or race.

With Tikyet Um Ali already have donation stations spread across west Amman - that work as a channel to collect donations. Our strategy was to start with these places to see how we can help by introducing VR technology. The plan was to start with one location as a pilot experience zone, measure the results and impact, observe and learn, then implement it in the rest of the other locations. The challenge was to attract new donors. People that didn’t donate to Tkiyet Um Ali before, Jordanians living in west Amman (Posh area), age group (30-50). Married individuals focusing on females. We selected City Mall for the following reasons: •Jordanians with high income shop at City Mall. •City Mall attracts 30,000+ visitors/ day on weekdays, and 50,000+ visitors/ day on the weekends. •High visit frequency and dwell time. Meaning shoppers have the time to check out and try new things


Name Company Role
Shireen Nababteh Cheil Levant Worldwide Creative Director
Zaid Saghah Cheil Levant Worldwide Planning Director
Omar Akel Cheil Levant Worldwide Art Director
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