2018 Winners & Shortlists


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The Campaign

For Lipton, the Lipton Yellow Label pack with its bright yellow colour and red logo unit is the most identifiable and recognizable asset. So we turned this iconic pack into the centerpiece of our creative strategy. If we were to 'lose the colour' of the pack and make it a black & white for a few weeks, it would create disruption and become a major talking point among consumers. But more importantly, this would be an impactful way of landing our message. But, we felt that just dropping the colour and converting the pack to black & white wasn't quite enough. We needed to go further and demonstrate how to 'bring colour into others' lives'. So, we declared that for every black & white pack that was sold, Lipton would contribute a part of the sale proceeds to charity - and bring colour into others' lives.

Creative Execution

The brand associated with charity organizations in UAE, KSA and Egypt and donated the proceeds to them. The challenge was to generate awareness and get consumers to know about and buy the black & white pack so that the amount would increase. Since we were not using TV, the best way to get reach was through digital channels and in-store/on-ground. For digital, we created a special film that changed from colour to black & white in key scenes to emphasize our message. While this film was at the heart of our digital communication, it was supported by other digital & social assets such as YouTube pre-rolls, Facebook and Instagram posts and Twitter. We also had page takeovers of prominent websites such as shahid.net, gulfnews.com and khaleejtimes.com and programmatic targeting on mobile to increase reach. We created a hashtag #Bethecolour to encourage interaction and conversation about the topic.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

This was one of the most successful campaigns during Ramadan. This is no mean feat given the sheer proliferation of Ramadan-based communication fighting for attention. In spite of not using TV, we surpassed all our KPIs. The campaign resulted in an increase in the underlying sales growth (USG) by 1.5% during this period. In fact, sales of LYL saw an uplift of 35% in 2017 against the average of 2014, 2015 and 2016. But in the clearest sign of a successful effort, the campaign was picked by both traditional media and online social media channels which helped spread the message and generate tremendous word-of-mouth. We received extensive PR which worked out to a total free PR value of almost US$ 1million (or $996,300 to be precise). This demonstrated that people talked about, shared and participated in the campaign, making Lipton Yellow Label one of the most visible brands during Ramadan.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

For Lipton, the Lipton Yellow Label pack with its bright yellow colour and red logo unit is the most identifiable and recognizable asset that the brand has. The LYL pack was a perfect vehicle to bring our idea to life. If we were to 'lose the colour' of the LYL pack and make it a black & white pack for a few weeks, it would create disruption and become a major talking point among consumers.

Across cultures, 'colour' has deep symbolic meaning and is associated with joy and happiness. A 'colourful' world doesn't just mean a brighter world - but also a world filled with happiness, togetherness and generosity. And spreading colour invariably means spreading joy. Ramadan is a time filled with colour - the colour of family, of compassion & of giving. But there are those around us whose lives lack colour - people whose loved ones are far away, those who are ill, lonely or facing economic hardship. Just as Ramadan brings colour into our lives, we too have the opportunity to add colour into the lives of those around us who need it most. But with our busy, hectic lives, everything becomes a colourless blur. Caught up in the daily life, we sometimes need to be reminded to bring colour to the world around us and make it a more joyful place.


Name Company Role
Firas Medrows DDB Dubai Executive Creative Director
Ramy El Sakka DDB Dubai Creative Director
Mourhaf Akel DDB Dubai Senior Art Director
Sarah Salem DDB Dubai Associate Creative Director
Fady Youssef DDB Dubai Senior Art Director
Ruchdi Aragi DDB Dubai Group Account Director
Farah Elmasri DDB Dubai Account Executive
Amit Vyas DDB Dubai Head of Strategy and Planning
Ashish Varghese DDB Dubai Head of Production
Arz Azar DDB Dubai Digital and Social Strategy Director
Pragya Sharma Unilever Global Marketing Director
Sarah Qazi Unilever Regional Brand Manager
Carla Lazkani Unilever Brand Manager
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