2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Print or Outdoor

The Campaign

INSIGHT Working millennials have big dreams. Yet 92% don’t achieve them. One of their biggest challenges is, they don’t always have a clear picture of what they want to do. Besides writing down your dreams, there is nothing more powerful than actually seeing yourself achieving it. Research shows that 86% of people who visualize their aspirations and make them publicly known, are more likely to make them happen. IDEA We launched an integrated campaign that invited people to see themselves living out their future achievements on one of the largest outdoor billboards in the UAE– to inspire them to #DoBiggerThings. Using the Galaxy Note8, a team of artists visualized people’s written aspirations into individualized portraits. This was shared with participants on social media and then put up on our billboard in different phases. Finally, we shared the stories of selected participants taking steps towards realizing their dreams.

Creative Execution

On 7th September, we launched with a blank canvas on our billboard with #DoBiggerThings and a URL to ignite curiosity. Social media influencers and brand channels then invited people to share their aspirations and be part of our billboard. Shortlisted entries were visualized by artists using the Note8 into individual portraits showing participants living out their dreams. This was shared with them on social media, then printed and put up on our billboard in phases; changing over time as more people joined. This process was repeated every week for over a month before finally revealing the Note8. Throughout the campaign, we also used Radio, PR, microsite and sponsored posts to create buzz and shared content showing our artists creating the portraits, highlighting features of Note8. Lastly, from end of October, we created stories of selected participants taking steps towards realizing their dreams. This was shared and amplified on social media.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

By involving our target audience in the creation of our billboard and getting them to define the very message we wanted to get across, this not only made consumers relate more to the campaign, it resulted in a much higher involvement and response. In the end, with just half the budget of the previous launch, we achieved 100,776,426 reach/impressions, 7,733,312 engagements and gained a 230% increase in Click-Through-Rates (from 3.86% to 8.5%), resulting in 7x more participation with over 5,100 entries – of which 20% came from iPhone users. Based on a report by Nielsen, which measured Samsung’s ‘Proud-To-Own’ (PTO) Index across global Samsung markets, this campaign resulted in a significant rise in our brand affinity ranking – going from 17th (2016) to 6th (2017) – reflecting a stronger emotional brand connection (brand love) with consumers in the UAE.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

This campaign was launched with the sole purpose of generating interaction and participation from our target audience. Centered on one of the largest outdoor billboards in the UAE, we created a journey that not only involved consumers in the creation of our campaign, it inspired them to become the very definition of the message we wanted to get across. By utilizing multiple media channels, we were able to create more engagement, increase participation, while demonstrating the functionality of our product at every stage of the campaign. More importantly, the result of this activation led to an increase in brand affinity.

To maximize participation and engagement, we launched our billboard in different phases and devised a communication strategy that reached out to working millennials (25-38 y.o.) based on their habits. Knowing how most of them are on social media and follow influencers, we used influencers and our brand channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to launch the campaign. This included sponsored ads, videos and posts. Supported by a Microsite, Radio (multiple stations) and PR (digital publications) to amplify and generate more participation. In each phase, once the selected entries were visualized by artists, we printed the portraits and put them on our billboard along the busiest highway in the UAE, where our target audiences commute daily. This process was repeated for over a month and when the entire billboard was completed, we revealed the Galaxy Note8. Then we selected participants and showcased stories of them taking steps towards realizing their dreams.


Name Company Role
Baher Raouf Cheil MENA Associate Creative Director
James Tan Cheil MENA Associate Creative Director
Jagal Gopinath Cheil MENA Digital Art Director
Ferran Mestre Cheil MENA Senior Art Director
Souchitra Sarkar Cheil MENA Art Director
Sharon Mempin Cheil MENA Senior Graphic Designer
Diana Para Lomeli Cheil MENA Senior Digital Designer
Hussein Kaddaha Cheil MENA Senior Arabic Copywriter
Marcia Johnston Cheil MENA Senior Copywriter
Irene Lily Philip Cheil MENA Copywriter
Santosh Singh Cheil MENA Creative Services Manager
Rikn Ong Cheil MENA Digital Producer
Zia Kazmi Cheil MENA Studio Manager
Sean Park Cheil MENA Group Account Director
Tyler Yeom Cheil MENA Senior Account Manager
Senna Khaled Hazem Cheil MENA Digital Account Manager
Rony Chlela Cheil MENA Senior Social Media Executive
Dalia Baddar Cheil MENA Jr. Social Media Executive
Nitin Baweja Cheil MENA Account Director
Simon Ashwin Cheil MENA Head of Digital
Brett Jones Cheil MENA Digital Account Manager
Abdullah Shamim Cheil MENA Media Manager
Ibrahim Swaid Freelance Artist / Illustrator
Oussama Agazzoum Freelance Artist / Illustrator
Cassandre Bolan Freelance Artist / Illustrator
Tarek Sabbagh Samsung Gulf Electronics Head of IT & Mobile (IM) division
Chokalingam Purushothaman Samsung Gulf Electronics Head of Marketing (IM)
Esra Olcay Samsung Gulf Electronics Marketing Manager (IM)
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