2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceDOVE BEAUTY BAR
CategoryGuerrilla Marketing & Stunts

The Campaign

It’s tough convincing shoppers to pay more for an item they believe is just for cleansing. After all, a bar of soap is just a bar of soap, right? We wanted to prove that Dove Beauty Bar is different. We wanted to convince women that our bar genuinely delivers salon-like care and skin that feels like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. Not an easy task considering most women believe they can only get this…in a salon. To prove them wrong, we hit the streets and surprised women when they were least expecting it. Our salon popped up at locations across Dubai, offering women facials and massages in a luxurious setting. Crucially, using one sole mystery product for the treatment. Afterwards, testimonials captured how women felt about their soft smooth skin and how they reacted when we revealed the sole mystery ingredient was in fact our Dove Beauty Bar.

Creative Execution

Our salons popped up at locations across Dubai over a 4 week period, surprising women in busy office areas and parks as they went about their lives. Women were offered facials and massages in a private, tranquil setting where our product was kept a secret. Testimonials beforehand reinforced our insight that women believe they can only achieve salon-like skin in salons. We also heard about their struggle to find some ‘me time’ in their busy lives. Indeed, trips to the salon were often a low priority. Afterwards we captured their feedback and revealed our sole mystery ingredient was the Dove Beauty Bar. Following our on-ground activations, we promoted the film via Facebook and Instagram. This drove awareness and lead to bookings of the Dove Home Salon Experience online. This gave women all over Dubai the opportunity to experience salon like skin care in the comfort of their own home.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

· Dove achieved a 10.5% increase in market sales in Q1 2017 (compared to 2016) · Brand relevance increased by 10% in H1 (2017), in comparison to 2016 results · Trial improved by 5% in H1 · Reach on FB: 1.6M (58%) · 1.45M views on YouTube Film view rate was 10% better in comparison to internal Unilever Benchmarks ( 26% v/s standard 16%) · 24% view rate vs 16% benchmarks | 40% lower cost per view than Unilever average · 11K links clicks on "Book Now" button on Carousel and Canvas post

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Brand activations in their best form are truly experiential. They disrupt consumers, entice engagement and bring a brand to life in a memorable and unexpected way. They work well in places people are used to them – malls, events and supermarkets for example. However, they can work even better when people are least expecting them. That’s why, when it came to our challenge with the Dove Beauty Bar it was important to disrupt the autopilot of female shoppers and surprise them where and when they were least expecting it.

Conviction comes from trial and our brand studies show that once women try the Dove Beauty Bar, they’re convinced. It was important to shock women into realizing just how different the Dove Beauty Bar is. By reframing the product context, we were able to show women that salon like care everyday is no longer a thing to dream about, but something every supermarket aisle has to offer. Our on-ground experience brought this to life directly for hundreds of women who, following the experience, were able to nominate a friend for our Home Salon Experience*. The activation was also captured and promoted on our social channels allowing women to book an experience for themselves at home via our website. *Dove’s Home Salon Experience is a team of trained therapists who offer the same experience to the public at home. The service can be booked online and is completely free.


Name Company Role
Nick Walsh Geometry GM
Ben Knight Geometry ECD
Julian Hernandez Geometry ECD
Logan Allanson Ogilvy One Dubai Creative Director
Anna Start Geometry Business Director
Hemal Soni Geometry Senior Account Manager
Dalia Bekdache Geometry Senior Account Executive
Elias Bassil Geometry Strategy Director
Ben Griffiths Ogilvy One Dubai Head of Art
Prajakta More Ogilvy One Dubai Copywriter
Amanda Newall Ogilvy One Dubai Producer
Amro Bakri Ogilvy One Dubai Digital Designer
Viko Ferrari Geometry Art Director
Soukaina Benlamlih Geometry Art Director
Muhammad Umair Ogilvy One Dubai Designer
Amro Bakri Ogilvy One Dubai Designer
Mouna Ghadban Ogilvy One Dubai Social
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