2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryGuerrilla Marketing & Stunts
Idea Creation GANDOUR Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

Tarboosh has been in Lebanese homes since 1960 as the classic treat all children got and all adults remember! It’s more than just a chocolate; it’s a feeling of nostalgia that has stayed with millions of people for generations! It is creative, playful & fun because its ethos revolves around the idea that you don’t need to grow up if you don’t want to! Gandour wanted to celebrate & recognize these memories with the consumers – authentically. To do this, an online poll was launched on social media inviting all loyal customers ( aged 30+) to think back to their childhood stating the 1st first thing they’d do if they were kids again.

Creative Execution

Tarboosh’s Facebook poll got consumers talking about the first thing they would do if they were kids again.Gandour picked the funniest answers and responded to each person individually with comic videos featuring Tarboosh characters,with a song marked with their names.3winners were then picked and won a trip voucher worth $1000 each.To magnify their most common wish, we decided to translate their powerful imagination into reality.We created a Giant Ball pit and placed it in Beirut Souks. For a week the game was restricted to adults30+.Exciting competitions took place to collect the highest number of Tarboosh dummies,hidden inside the balls.Winners were instantly awarded with 2cinema tickets.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Tarboosh flew off the shelves. Sales Target was overachieved by 34%. An actual sales increase of 12% vs. the same period last year. Our campaign reach, helped Tarboosh love grew. Over 8000 people visited the booth, and of the 3500 participants, Tarboosh rewarded 550 winners. 7000 organic fans were gained on Tarboosh Facebook page in one month only (October 2017). The video posed on Facebook page announcing the competition generated 446K views reaching 54% of our target audience.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The launch of new Tarboosh “Chocolate Mousse” flavor demonstrates the outstanding positive success an activation can deliver. This 100% activation led campaign captivated Tarboosh consumer’s attention, imagination and delivered on sales. The activation launched through digital media was brought to life in downtown Beirut Souks. Over 1 week the campaign created a buzz which translated into sales – the sales target was exceeded by 34% !

When we were growing up all we wanted was to be “adults”. We wanted to be able to do things on our own without our parents controlling us every minute. It seemed so unfair that we couldn’t do what we wanted, when we wanted to. Whenever we told our parents that we wanted to be adults when we were younger they said, “no you don’t, you need to stay young.” We never believed them and at times we even thought they were crazy. Now, almost all of us, just want to be a kid again! We decided to tap on this, and make the consumers (30+) dream come true: To "Never Grow UP!"


Name Company Role
Wissam Mattar & Nathalie Masri Operation Unicorn Managing Director & Creative Director