2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDurable Consumer Goods, including Cars

The Campaign

We created Mona; an envy-made trend setter that everyone wants to follow. And here comes the question, who is Mona? Mona; the woman that every couple wants to imitate. However, Mona’s character was never physically reveled to the consumers, only remaining as a point of reference in the communications conversation. People were asking who Mona was and what she looked like. Her mysterious nature created the initial spark of online engagement and up to this day, people still do not know who she is. And guess what, neither do we! We kept them wondering and we decided not to answer to keep the hype rolling. This anonymous (no)appearance approach was the relevant sweet spot; we all have a ‘Mona’ in our lives.

Creative Execution

Egyptians are changing their media consumption habits; thus we had to be everywhere. Carrier’s TV spot focused on the typical Egyptian couple, and the simple consumer insight that everyone has a Mona they’re always trying to keep up with in their lives. Our campaign was aired offline and online across all social media platforms along with multiple spots during the day throughout the 30 days of Ramadan. The campaign was supported with online content to create engagement; basically we had to be where the people are to entertain them with what appeals to them and thus the mix use of channels (TV, Mobile, Social, and Digital). The content strategy was divided into 4 weeks; covering a mix of equity posts, real time posts and engagement posts.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Business Results: A staggering 48% increase in July from 2017 versus July 2016. Moreover, July 2017 broke the sales record of the highest achieved month with 12% increase vs previous recorded highest month (June of 2010) despite the 30% price increase. Communication Result: Engagement rate reached 64.2% compared to the previous year. Not only did Carrier outperform last year’s results, but it also overachieved the total engagement rate of its two competitors combined by 40.7%. Brands-generated content; It did not stop at user-generated content, but brands from various categories capitalized on the campaign given the high relevancy it achieved with the consumer. Moreover, the campaign’s featured cast were featured in a dozen of talk shows on popular Television channels as well as Radio stations.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Success is always measured through communication and business results; whereas, creativity is the main driver to achieve those measures. Our film managed to tick both boxes through a pure entertainment film that captured the consumer’s heart and set the trend in relevant and non-relevant business categories. Each role in the film took an integral part to achieve the glory; whether through cast, copy-writing, direction or even the art direction - which are clearly relevant elements that entitles our film not only compete on a local level but on a global level as well!

The purchasing behavior of ACs are a joint decision between the 25-40 years-old couples in Egypt, falling between A/B social classes. There are many factors in the purchase decision of AC's that stem from the culture, habits and lifestyle of couples. In a category that is highly dependent on word-of-mouth, influencing 92% of all purchasing decisions, consumers tend to have more trust in their peers’ opinions more than the actual brands. The approach was through an easy lighthearted formula; we completely changed the AC world communication approach and opted for an engaging in-store piece of content around a couple buying an AC, using humorous script revolving around the woman that is apparently obsessed with Mona asking the salesman about Mona’s experience and her desire to experience them. Mona was the complement of Optimax AC which was even reflected in our call to action to generate sales behind the new product-launch.


Name Company Role
Ali Ali Good People Director
Mai Azmy J.Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Ibrahim Islam J.Walter Thompson Cairo Head of creatives
Eslam Hossam J.Walter Thompson Cairo Associate Creative Director
Sherif Adel J.Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Art Director
Diana George J.Walter Thompson Cairo Business Director
Hisham Ghamrawy J.Walter Thompson Cairo Account Manager
Malak ElNahas J.Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Account Executive
Amir Adib J.Walter Thompson Cairo Planning Director
Begad Omran Good People Film Executive producer
Mayar Makhlouf Good People Film Producer
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