2018 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Type of EntryPractices & Specialisms
CategoryBrand Voice & Strategic Storytelling
Idea Creation FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

Egyptian proverbs are memorized by the nation at large. From our movies, to our songs, everyone knows that “A man’s shadow is better than that of a wall” (said to unmarried women) and that “you should only extend your legs as far as your blanket can cover” (said to those with big ambitions or dreams). Naturally, this negative, handicapping culture creates major tension with the younger, more progressive youth. A generation that is more exposed, more aware and more ambitious. Accordingly, Sprite decided to intervene in the clash of the generations by rewriting NEW, BOLD, EMPOWERING proverbs! Standing in support of its younger target, Sprite was boldly defying the status quo and turning deeply rooted culture onto its head. Launching a multitude of new proverbs loudly and proudly all of the country to ensure that the nation understood, Sprite was calling for change!


Sprite launched 20 new proverbs, each designed in a unique typeface that reflected the meaning of the new proverb. Using calligraphy and lettered art, each type told a new, different story! One that represented the youth and boldly challenged Egypt’s traditional status quo. The proverbs were plastered all over the country, primarily on ALL OUR PRODUCTS. Every can and bottle had a new proverb. Fridges, shelves all over the country boldly communicated our request for change! Outdoors complimented the new packaging bringing again the new proverbs to the forefront. Three TV copies were produced and launched on TV to again communicate our NEW proverbs, new messages, new attitudes all brought to the country with the help of Sprite. Late night comedy shows both on TV and online automatically picked up the conversation and helped us amplify the debate.

Our sales increased by 65% from the beginning of the year! We were in the green again. And so was our brand health. Similarly, for the first time in a long time, Sprite’s KPI’s were starting to show positive inclinations. - Always doing new things going up 8 pts - And For Someone Like Me going up a whopping 15 pts across the quarter after the campaign The campaign definitely managed to get the buzz we needed for a revival, with 45 million Egyptians reached and over 15 million views, with an estimated $40,000 in earned media. But most importantly, we knew we had started to win over the respect and admiration of our consumer. We were back on the right track.

The Situation

When a brand is out to change an entire nation’s culture, in support of its younger, progressive target, it’s no longer just about selling a product. It becomes a matter of public opinion. Sprite’s latest “Proverbs” campaign boldly addresses a boiling tension point in Egyptian society, one that divides the generations. Through involving key opinion leaders get such as famous TV and online comedians, Sprite managed to create an open dialogue about the generation gap and the expiring culture. Sprite managed to set an imprint on a new pop culture, a younger, bolder culture.

The Strategy

Teens everywhere are misunderstood. In Egypt, the problem is more acute. Living in a relatively “old-fashioned”, traditional culture, teens are ‘held back’. Restricted by societal norms and expectations, this younger generation is handicapped, unable to find the independence and the empowerment they deserve. This clash of generations is obvious in our culture. Sprite decided to bring these obvious parts of our culture to the forefront and create an open dialogue between the generations. The brand was out to highlight this clear tension and stand in support of its key target, the youth. To ensure that the brand reaps rewards not just on image and health KPI’s, but also on sales, it was key to bring this conversation to the stores and in fact make our cans and bottles the centripetal point of all the discussion. In doing so, we would ensure that the conversation could NOT happen without the product!


Name Company Position
Ahmed Hafez Younis FP7/CAI Executive Creative Director
Rami El Kerdani FP7/CAI Creative Director
Moemen El Siwi FP7/CAI Art Director
Rana Khairy FP7/CAI Senior Copywriter
Sabrina El Ghoneimi FP7/CAI Copywriter
Mostafa Abdelmawlla FP7/CAI Senior Graphic Designer
Gihad Mansour FP7/CAI Senior Graphic Designer
Ramy Kamel FP7/CAI Art Director
Shady Allam FP7/CAI Senior Art Director
Ayman Anwar FP7/CAI Head of Art Department
Mohamed Salah Ismail FP7/CAI Associate creative Director
Ahmed Samir Samy FP7/CAI Graphic Designer
Hisham Rahma FP7/CAI Senior Graphic Designer
Naila Fattouh FP7/CAI Head of Strategic Planning
Ahmed Fayez FP7/CAI Business Unit Head
Maged Farahat FP7/CAI Group Account Director
Ahmed El Shimy FP7/CAI Account Supervisor
Hana Hagras FP7/CAI Account Executive
Adham El Sherif ASAP Productions Director
Amin El Marg ASAP Productions Producer
Sameh Hosny ASAP Productions Producer
Shorouk Mokhtar ASAP Productions Producer
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