2018 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7/CAS Casablanca, MOROCCO
Type of EntrySectors
CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation FP7/CAS Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement UM Casablanca, MOROCCO

The Campaign

To rally Moroccan teenagers against their stingy neighborhood grocers, we created a music video using a popular genre in Morocco (Rap music) that played on very local expressions of anger and disappointment to give a voice to all teens who find themselves having a coke that is not cold.


In our case, there were no classical PR plan, the success of the music video pushed several medias to talk about it.

Tier 1: The music video has been featured on N°1 TV channel 2M and generated spontaneously more than 20 article on digital media platforms. The music video became the summer viral hit, generating positive conversation and immediate reaction with people tagging their grocers. Over 7.5 million views on facebook More than 152 000 likes 9 512 shares 7 148 comments (Facebook business manager, Netbase) Sales growth : +200 % on slim cans (teens pack ) We passed from 55% to 71% of coolers switched on, with more than 7 cities above 80% during mid-day and even more than 95% in 2 key cities.( source :Right execution daily report – Coca-Cola Company) We also boosted Coca-Cola Brand Perception KPIs Brand Leadership: +29% from 59% to 83% YTD Very Refreshing: +16% from 50% to 66% July YTD Always Doing New Things: +16% from 44% to 60% YTD Doing Something Different: +4% from 52% to 56% (Source : Brand guidance score – Ipsos)

The Situation

This music video is a good exemple of how branded entertaining & relevant content can create positive conversation becoming the talk of the town. In our case, influencers, digital and classical media and even TV were seduced about the way we engaged our target and the success behind.

The Strategy

There were no planned PR strategy, the music video generated articles, a mention in a TV program and a lot of user generated content thanks to it's power to engage the target .


Name Company Position
Mehdi Saqi FP7/CAS Creative Director
Siham Smyej FP7/CAS Client servicing director
kettani Saad FP7/CAS Copywriter
Mounia Chkouri FP7/CAS General manager
Hajila Hassan FP7/CAS Art director
Gregory Chekib FP7/CAS Art Director
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