2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryExcellence in Audience Engagement & Distribution Strategy
Idea Creation CHEIL WORLDWIDE Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement STARCOM Istanbul, TURKEY

The Campaign

Instead of a single long, easy to skip boring how-to video, we’ve utilized Google and YouTube search and interest data during scriptwriting and created a unique and fun video series. Teamed up with TV celeb Irem Sak to create 28 videos explaining the features of 7 Samsung home appliances products. For each product, we gave option to select one of 4 different personas as a narrator all casted by our celebrity Irem. E.g. if you are a football fan Irem explained the TV features like you are a TV fan with football analogies. If you are a TV Series Fan, Irem explained the features with TV series analogies. Briefly; our idea was perfectly targeting Google Searchers and demonstrating our product features in an attractive way so user did not skip our contents and led them to purchase.

Creative Execution

We grouped videos into four category playlists.Each playlist consisted of 7 unique product videos.Each video had three YouTube end-cards that helped users to switch between categories.Users were able to binge-watch all product videos within the playlist. The campaign launched on April 21st with a press meeting hosted by ?rem Sak. Paid and owned channels were used effectively during the launch period.We expanded the content on our social channels by creating bite sized versions of YouTube videos.?rem Sak’s own social media profiles were also used to create hype and awareness

#ExplainItLike video series have been watched 17 million times with high retention rates. We achieved 33 million unique and 105 million reach in total. In order to quantify the impact of our project we used Google's Brand Lift Survey. According to the survey results; Our videos have reached an ad recall rate of 55.8% Our products’ online search volume has increased by 672.9% Searches with Samsung’s local brand motto “Bu Evde Samsung Var” // ‘This is a Samsung House’ increased by 578% Purchase intent rate for our products increased by 14.1%

Product feature films are boring. That's a universal truth. People do not tend to watch these boring feature videos, either directly skip or try to find the part that they are interested in. When our client ask us to create a video to raise awareness towards their products and features we needed to find a new way to deliver the message and entertain the people to not get skipped. So we created a highly engaging and fun video series with the help of a local celebrity with a unique distribution technique. We entertained our audience while communicating our message.

We worked with YouTube during the planning phase. We harvested how-to and feature queries for each product and matched them with audience groups and interests. Scripts and video titles were optimized according to popular themes and keywords.With %50 female users, YouTube is the to-go platform for entertaining and informative video watching. Also with it’s media tools and targeting capabilities we planned to reach our target audience with micro segments and re-marketing.


Name Company Role
Mehmet Özkanoğlu Cheil Worldwide Turkey Business Director
Cihan Kavaklipinar Cheil Worlwide Turkey Creative Director
Mert Bitmez Cheil Worldwide Turkey Copywriter
Selim Küçükkutlu Cheil Worldwide Turkey Art Director
Doruk Bayer Cheil Worldwide Turkey Digital Marketing Manager
Emre Arısoy Cheil Worldwide Turkey Digital Executive
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