2018 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantKNSD Tunis Mahrajene, TUNISIA
CategoryUse of Talent
Idea Creation KNSD Tunis Mahrajene, TUNISIA
Media Placement KNSD Tunis Mahrajene, TUNISIA
PR KNSD Tunis Mahrajene, TUNISIA

The Campaign

Thanks to Internet, we convinced PSG to recruit Ooredoo’s brand ambassador, Migalo.

Creative Execution

Step1: Ooredoo casted a listener to ridicule Ooredoo’s ambassador, Migalo, regarding his soccer skills during a radio show. The video of the radio show made more than 500k views on social networks. Step2: To respond to "this provocation", we shot another video in which Migalo sets the goal of shooting the crossbar five times and does it hands down. Posted on Migalo's facebook wall, the video was seen by thousands. Step3: For a greater impact, we shared it on Ooredoo's Facebook page tagging our partner PSG, challenging them to hire Migalo. PSG commented on the post saying that they would comply if the video reached 10K likes which happened in less than an hour. Step4: With the PSG's help, we shot two other videos, one announcing the arrival of the new Migalo jersey in PSG shops and the second showing his first training session.

In a 12 million people country, the results were just amazing! The entire campaign reached 36 million people in and outside Tunisia and more than 17 million views, around a million social interactions and tens of thousands of comments and shares! In earned media, the campaign toured the Tunisian electronic press and had a 15 minutes appearance in prime time during a famous Tunisian TV show on Attessia TV, in the presence of Ooredoo Tunisia's communication manager!

To promote our client's new tagline "Enjoy The Internet", we put together an entertaining story showing through different medias (Radio and Social Media) what a person can achieve thanks to Internet. This story caught everybody's attention since day one and resulted in thousands of positive comments. While it's main objective was to promote Ooredoo's new signature, the story did not focus on the brand but in the essence of the brand. This made our story more of an entertaining piece than a classic ad piece.

Ooredoo is the only brand that promotes both Football and Internet in Tunisia. At the same time, it happens that Internet and Football are the most popular hobbies in Tunisia. we decided to use Internet and Football in order to promote the new tagline of Ooredoo : "Enjoy The Internet".


Name Company Role
Mohamed BEN TARA Karoui&Karoui Business Director
Amine MSOLLI KNSD Strategic Planner
Abdallah HAMZA KNSD Creative Director
Noussair MZEH Karoui&Karoui Copywriter
Amin Khelil Karoui&Karoui Art Director
Ala AYDI KNSD Account Manager
Dhirar Silini KNSD Conceptualizer
Mehdi Kelibi Banni Banni Video Producer
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