2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceKITCO BONJOUR
EntrantBEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
CategoryUse of Talent
Idea Creation BEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Media Placement SLINGSHOT Kuwait, KUWAIT
Production BEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT

The Campaign

Recreate what has become arguably one of the world's most debated conspiracy theories that many believe to be half-baked - Man's first landing on the moon in 1967. We created a film that replicated the exact documented "footage" of the event that took place and built a narrative around the speculation of it's legitimacy. As the film plays out, flaws in the footage are called into question and ultimately, suspicions of a half-baked narrative are confirmed when an entire film crew is revealed in the reflection of the astronaut's helmet - along with a subtle cameo by a Stanley Kubrick look-alike, referencing another theory that it was his movie Space Odyessy that set the stage for the big hoax! Ultimately the film would end on the note that not all things in life are baked right like KITCO Bonjour products.

Creative Execution

The initial film kicked off across online channels and continued for 6 weeks across key digital platforms and social media. To capitalize on social traffic, every week, there would be a new piece of content dropped by an influencer we partnered with that would tie back to the hashtag #bakedright, content relevant to the trending topic of that region that week. All owned content was released on KITCO's instagram page, a core channel in this campaign, directing viewers through daily content and instastories back to the YouTube channel to view the film. x2 versions of the film were promoted, a 30 second version on key digital platforms and a 60 second version tied into any partnerships with influencers on instagram and snapchat or owned platforms, which allowed for reach across audiences with different viewing behaviors.

The campaign started with a bang! The film sparked immediate conversations inviting users to start tagging each other on the film’s post online and debate whether the moon landing actually happened. The film generated a reach of over 17 million impressions, engagement of over 1.3 million and 18x more film views than the competition. Influencer content alone generated over 2.4 million views alone towards KITCO claim that their product was #bakedright. The content resonated with audiences of different demographics and age groups and proved to be a continuous point of conversations online throughout the campaign

A controversial conspiracy theory, a solid USP for a croissant and a nod to the existing "fake news" culture of our today, was the foundation of this piece of work that drove a conversation around what is real and what is "half-baked." We hand picked content creators that tend to question hot issues to create their own pieces on trending topics that are fishy and compare them our product which is #BakedRight.

Launch the film across social media and key online channels to get audiences to engage and debate the story. The idea was to call into question the difference between what is real and what is fake. Once the film kicked off, there would be a series of film content that would launch on KITCO's platform that would call into questions different daily scenarios that we try to get away with in our daily lives that are clearly half-baked. Owned content was tied to a hashtag #BakedRight that was also used to promote partnership content created with core influencers in the region that developed films about ridiculous trending topics like weight loss methods, politics and even how to gain followers and become a social influencer. The content they created had KITCO Bonjour products subtly placed throughout the films with the hashtag #bakedright tying it back to the campaign.


Name Company Role
Dana Alhanbali Beattie + Dane Managing Partner
Anes Al Rayes Beattie + Dane Executive Creative Director
Mostafa Faramawy Beattie + Dane Executive Producer
Aziz Al Jasmi Beattie + Dane Director
Nawal Murib Slingshot Managing Partner
Nizar Wannous Slingshot Managing Director
Majdi Ghanem Magna Global Senior Media Manager
Seema Shenoy Magna Global Digital Director
Paul Sabbagh Wonderful Productions Executive Producer
Rytta Mezher Wonderful Productions Producer
Elie Khayat Wonderful Productions Production Manager
Yves Sehnaoui Wonderful Productions DOP
Lionel Soria Wonderful Productions Art Director
Wael Boutros Wonderful Productions Wardrobe Stylist
Rachel Lahoud Wonderful Productions Casting Director
Corine Shawi Wonderful Productions Assistant Director
Elie Khater Wonderful Productions Special Effects make up artist
Charbel Chidiac Wonderful Productions Packshot Manager
Raja Saade Wonderful Productions Rigging team
Amr Rabee Wonderful Productions Editor
Karim Mira Lizard VFX Colorist
Color Grading Lizard VFX Color Grading
CGI Mercury Visual Solutions CGI Team
Hosni Ali  The Garage Sound Design
Video URL