2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryOnline: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Production MONDA Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

The film shows an old Arab man being invited for a conversation: to advise an anonymous young Arab woman sitting behind a curtain. Ohoud, the woman, intends to talk about her marital discord and whether her decision to get a divorce is the right one. As he topic is opened, the conversation becomes a see-saw between societal norms and a woman’s self-conviction. The man finally yields to Ohoud’s point of view, that her and her daughter’s happiness are more important than the fear of social stigmas. But what he doesn’t know that all this time he was talking to his own daughter, whose voice was morphed. It was based on the real conversations of Ohoud, the woman featured in the film, and her father.

Creative Execution

The film was scripted through interviews with Ohoud, the woman in the film. It’s based on her real-life conversation with her father and journey to getting a divorce in the male-driven Saudi society. Considering the stigma, it was important that the film did not vilify her decision and ensured that her reasoning comes across strongly. Moreover, the conversation had to keep in mind the cultural relevance and the Arabic language nuances.

Over 5.2 Million views. Reach: Facebook: 5,360,858 YouTube: 8,076,090 Twitter: 983,940 View rate on YouTube was 26%, 10% higher than the objective set.

As an old saying goes: An Arab man is progressive only when it comes to people who are not his family. We used regional insights like these and partnered with a real Saudi woman to spark a conversation about a taboo topic: divorce. The creative twist of a father not knowing that he was actually advising his daughter kept the audiences engaged with a 'What happens next?' feel. It doesn't just tell a story; but delivers a powerful, memorable message: Difficult conversations can be heartfelt too.

To strengthen the brand's positioning as a conversation enabler, we wanted to trigger conversations about controversial topics in the region. So, we set out to be part of the social change that women are leading across the region, through a piece of content that moved and made people rethink outdated opinions. Because real change is possible only when you have genuine conversations.


Name Company Role
Piotr Chrobot Wunderman Executive Creative Director
Piotr Osinksi Wunderman Executive Creative Director
Hassan Syed Wunderman Associate Creative Director
Louis Moghabghab Wunderman Group Creative Head
Alvaro Bretel Wunderman Strategy Director
Georges Kallab Wunderman Group Account Director
Farid Hage Wunderman Account Manager