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CategoryOnline: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

Hammering on the Egyptians’ mixed feelings about the Congo match and the countless disappointments over the last 27 years, we created a story about that ironic reality manifested through the life of a young man, Mabrouk. Our hero, Mabrouk, which means congratulations in Arabic, is a fictional character who is basically an impersonation of every single Egyptian. Throughout the years, Mabrook gets “paralyzed” bit by bit every time Egypt does not qualify to the World Cup and his only hope of recovery is that Egypt qualifies this time.

Creative Execution

• Implementation A long-form mockumentary. • Timeline Published on 05/10/2017, three days prior to the Congo match. • Placement Solely digital on Facebook and Youtube

The video achieved stellar results and earned itself remarkable organic reach and engagement. In its short life of only three days, the video has experienced viral growth in its viewership on the brand’s platform as well as other sports platforms. The virality, driven by more than 10 k shares, shot the overall counter to almost 3.9 million views with more than 65% of these views achieved organically. Furthermore, the impact of the video was intensified when one of the old players mentioned in the film who was responsible for an unforgettable missed opportunity, posted a funny public apology to Mabrouk. This apology was later picked by the media and broadcasted on the national news. Useful links: Par-T - 2,200,000 Views : https://www.facebook.com/partofficially/videos/1615701311806342/ Footballogy - 72,599 Views: https://www.facebook.com/footballogy1/videos/123042958362305/ News pickup along with Mohmaed Emara’s Apology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzJm--nDiMI&feature=youtu.be

In this video, part of a dynamic and multi-layered digital campaign, Juhayna delighted the Egyptian Football fans through resonating, in an insightful yet unconventional way, with their mixed feelings of excitement and fear that accompanied the FIFA world cup qualifications. Additionally, this piece of content succeeded in not only achieving one of the highest organic reach and earned media rates among the different world cup campaigns, but also in transcending the promotional realm and weaving itself with the pop culture through becoming part of the conversation in news and memes.

Our strategy was to leverage this historic opportunity to create highly relatable, differentiated and resonating content with the community. While most brands shouted their support to the Egyptian National Team directly, we sided with those who needed support the most; the supporters themselves


Name Company Role
Hatem El-Awa Kijamii Associate Creative director
Tahoun Freelancer DOP
Tarek Nojara Nojara Executive producer
Bahy Abo El-Ezz Kijamii Chef Operations officer
Amr Berry Freelancer Assistant Director
Deena Tamoum Freelancer Assistant Director
Omar Hamdy Nojara Producer
Kholoud Etman Nojara Assistant producer
Jasmine El-Tagy Kijamii Copywriter
Mohab Samy Freelancer Art Director
Ayman Zorkany Freelancer Stylist
Ahmed Assem Casting stars Editor
Yara Mokhles Lizard colorist
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound designer
Rana Zaki Kijamii Agency Producer
Farah El-Khayat Kijamii Account Manager
Noha Sabry Kijamii Senior Account manager
Ahmad Coucha Kijamii Chief Strategy Officer
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