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The Campaign

Millennial moms love to capture their child's every little gesture on their phone… but it means they are not in the moment! In fact, global studies show that almost 1,000 photos of their babies are shared on social media before the baby turns 5, equating to around 200 photos shared a year by every parent. That is without counting the photos that are taken and saved on the phone without sharing them. Johnson's believes that every moment between mother and child is a wonder, and should be celebrated - and we know parents believe so too. This therefore was an opportunity for the brand to reinforce its equity, by raising awareness around the issue and inviting moms to enjoy every moment with their children. Be in the moment with your baby, not your phone.

Creative Execution

We then created a film capturing that finding and highlighting how the 2% can create a much bigger impact for the relationship between mom and child; and invited other moms to be in the moment, instead of capturing it. - We launched the film on social media (Facebook, Instagram) to entice reactions from the public - We then partnered with two of the biggest parenting online portals "Supermama" and "3a2ilati" to spread the news faster - 4 mommy influencers endorsed the initiative and shared moments with their children and families, and started engaging with the public around the same. - We did not want to stop at creating awareness only but rather wanted moms to walk the talk. Through Facebook and Instagram, we asked moms to pledge to stop using their phone while they are with their children, and be in the moment instead.

The campaign reached 10.8 million moms. 32,733 moms pledged to put their phone down and be in the moment with their children. 271,866 engaged with the initiative, and moms across the region shared videos and boomerangs of themselves on the other side of the screen, with their baby enjoying the moment together. Influential mommy bloggers gave us an extra reach of 3.2 million; and added 28,714 new interactions with mommies at mass, proving the initiative was positively endorsed, organically beyond the brand sphere. There was a 14.49% positive increase in the brand metric score "I feel that I enjoy every moment with my child" post campaign compared to pre campaign; a real emotional impact that moms admitted to have felt. That would account for an approximate of 1.5 million more moms enjoying the moment.

Nowadays, smartphones have started to affect the relationship between mother and child. In fact, parents are stuck behind their screens and are not enjoying every moment with their baby. Johnson’s, a leader in the category, decided to take action. In order to truly drive behavioral change, it was important to not create content. That would be seen as condescending and judgmental, especially considering the sensitivity of the topic. Telling mom that she is not spending enough time with her kids is not a message that would easily be absorbed. Rather, the content needed to be authentic, using a real mom with

In order to drive behavioral change, it was important to not create content using a fake scenario. Rather, we wanted to use a real example to prove the authenticity of the situation and therefore create a bigger impact with our mommies. We asked a real mom to share with us all the videos of her little one, and noticed that among the hundreds of pictures and videos that she shared, 98% of them were of the baby alone, while she was present in only the other 2%. This was a clear proof of the insight, showing that mom was not enjoying 98% of those moments captured, as she was behind the screen filming and taking pictures of her baby rather than enjoying the actual experience and being in the moment.screen filming and taking pictures of her baby rather than enjoying the actual experience and being in the moment.


Name Company Role
Paul Shearer Impact BBDO Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Fadi Yaish Impact BBDO Dubai Executive Creative Director
Daniel Correa Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
William Mathovani Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Ann Geleen Amparado Impact BBDO Dubai Junior Producer
Leen Fakheriddin Impact BBDO Dubai Group Account Director
Alita Rodrigues Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Account Manager
Lea Kerdy Impact BBDO Dubai Account Manager
Ashwin Ahuja Impact BBDO Dubai Planning Director
Jala Fawaz Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Planning Manager