2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCo-Creation & User Generated Content

The Campaign

Go 100% adaptive to the summer season and creative in our approach to introduce a chilled version of Torabika Cappuccino and position it as an ENERGY BOOSTER. After testing the best formula for preparing the iced cappuccino: 1 Torabika Sachet, 30ml of hot water, Chocolate granules and 4 ice cubes; we wanted our core target to know about it. We wanted them to know that they can now prepare their own ENERGY BOOSTER, translate the Fun element and connect with them.

Creative Execution

Our first initiative was testing the iced cappuccino: We chose “CityPicnic”, an annual Picnic event organized in Beirut Hippodrome to reach out to almost 5,500 people. Results were so encouraging that they yield to the birth of “Sar Badda Talje” campaign. Our second initiative was to use the power of influencers to help us recruit new users, spread WOM and seed the usage of iced cappuccino. We chose 3 influencers with a cumulative number of 470k followers on Instagram. A customized video was created to reflect the personality of every influencer. Their role was to communicate the Torabika iced cappuccino, invite to an Instagram competition: where followers were asked to prepare their own then post/ share their video or story for a chance to win a trip to Europe using the hashtag #Sar_Badda_Talje. To further amplify the campaign we crashed into 7 radio stations during peak time during live shows.

-The influencers’ branded posts got 97,000 interactions; with Ingrid Bawab being the most influential and relevant to the brand’s TOV. -The influencers’ Sar Badda Talje videos generated 550,000 interactions (34% more than the expected interactions). -111 unique participants in the Instagram competition (23% more than the set KPI) whose videos and posts generated cumulatively 29k interactions, 61% overachievement (split between likes, views and comments) - The radio live shows crash reached 475,000 listeners - The live radio crashes were viewed by 10,000 people. -Sales were unexpectedly boosted by 40% compared to 2016, 10% overachievement vs. the set target. And for the first time in local history, the lion turned into a copycat and launched their iced Nescafe thru online videos 2 months after our campaign’s launch.

Torabika Cappuccino's dedicated Instagram account was used to seed content from key influencers and ultimately generate word of mouth to change the way people consume Torabika Cappuccino: from a hot beverage to an iced one. The social initiative used was based on utilizing the power of influencers to create user generated content and rewards participants.

We can never match the budgets of the lion, Nestle Nescafe, our direct competitor, but we found a window of opportunity where we could get more people to taste & get hooked on Torabika. We used the summer season that is low in product consumption and competitive noise to create iced cappuccino, the Torabika’s product twist, to create the season’s relevance. With the summer heat wave hitting Lebanon, we wanted our target to know that they can enjoy their favorite cappuccino chilled. Summer is a down season for hot drinks consumption and a down season for hot drinks communication: the best time to attack a giant is while he’s asleep!


Name Company Role
May Karim Mindshare MENA Senior Manager, Exchange