2018 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantTNA Cairo, EGYPT
CategorySports Entertainment
Idea Creation TNA Cairo, EGYPT
Production TNP Giza, EGYPT

The Campaign

You want Egypt to qualify to the world cup, cheer for Ghana.

Creative Execution

Two copies were created showing Egyptian students singing national songs. The first one substituted Egypt with Ghana in one of Egypt's most famous and beloved national songs “Egypt Is My Mother”. The second showed the students singing the Ghanian national anthem. The ads were aired two days before Ghana’s game.

The ads became a sensation with football fans across the country sharing them on social media with the hashtag #Ghanaismymother taking over all the Egyptian football feeds.

This showcases an entertainment placement with a relevant message at the time.

We launched the campaign two days prior to Ghana vs Uganda game asking Egyptians to cheer for Ghana.


Name Company Role
Basel El Deeb TNA - DDB Egypt Managing Partner and Head of Creative
Mostafa Sherif TNA - DDB Egypt Creative Director
Sevag Der Sarkissian TNA - DDB Egypt Associate Creative Director
Omar Dawood TNA - DDB Egypt Senior Copywriter
Hossam Adnan TNA - DDB Egypt Senior Copywriter
Ragy Baky TNA - DDB Egypt Senior Copywriter
Hazem El Saadani TNA - DDB Egypt Deputy Managing Director
Mahmoud Badr TNA - DDB Egypt Client Service Director
Salma Khairat TNA - DDB Egypt Account Manager
Salma El Beialy TNA - DDB Egypt Account Supervisor
Tia Shehata TNA - DDB Egypt Account Executive
Omar Fahmy TNA - DDB Egypt Account Executive
Mahmoud Khattab TNP Producer
Hagar Ewais TNP Agency Producer
Seif Wigdan TNP Assistant Producer
Khaled El Galab TNP Production Manager
Ahmed Nader Galal TNP Director
Haitham Hosny TNP Director of Photography
Reem Qotb TNP Stylist
Ziad Weshahy TNP Assistant Director
Nadia Adel TNP Art Director
Karim Youssef Vibe Studio Sound Mixing
Mohsen Abd El Wahab Azman Post House Editor
Ali Fathala Vibe Studio Composer
Karim Mira Lizard Coloring/Grading Operator