2018 Winners & Shortlists


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The Campaign

In a region where fragrance has multiple layers, Lux is the first layer of scent that will define your attitude for the day. The goal of the morning ritual of taking a shower goes beyond cleansing, it is more about setting that fragrance-infused environment and applying the first layer of scent to your body, which will set your mood and attitude for that day. Our inspiration came from what Marilyn Monroe once said. When asked what does she wear to bed, she replied: “Chanel Nº5”. So we turned the metaphor into reality by creating The First Ever Soap Dress.

Creative Execution

Fragrance that you can actually wear: The First Ever Soap Dress To make the metaphor literal, we wanted to show our consumers that they can actually wear a fragrance. So, we partnered with renowned Arab fashion designer Abed Mahfouz and created the first dress made out of soap paper. Each piece of paper was elaborated with Lux’s products and fragrance. Introducing the dress to the world: Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) As the grand finale of the 2017 show, we brought the Soap Dress to the catwalk and showed it to all the assistants while revealing also our hero video. On top of this, we had a Hero Video promoted on YouTube and the brand's Social Media Channels, PR Coverage from renowned media outlets and fashion-related media like Vogue, CNN, Stepfeed, Sayidaty, Getty Images, Masala, etc.

- 2% market share increase. From 19.5% to 21.5% - Improvement of 7 points on relevance among Arab consumers, going from 75 to 82. Bringing up the overall relevance of the brand from 65 to 67. - Improvement on the “Have better fragrance than other brands” attribute increased by +300 bps among arabs - Over +90% of our audience was reached gathering over 13 million views for the hero video across multiple video platforms and formats. - +70% uplift on both purchase intent and recommendation levels in Gulf. - 4 to 9 points increase in message association. - 5 to 10 points increase in ad recall.

To reconnect the audience with the brand we needed more than just traditional advertising. We had to demonstrate how fragrance is deeply rooted in culture. In order to achieve that, we created a piece of culture: The First Ever Soap Dress. A piece of art, fashion, and entertainment that would make the product's truth come to life.

Several layers of insights inspired the creative idea: - The process of taking a shower is seen mostly as a hygienic process. And Dettol its #1 advocate. - Scent affects everyone in many different ways, positive most of them. - In the Arab world, women use a wide range of scents. Fragrance has multiple layers. - In a world of multiple layers of fragrance, soap would be the first one.


Name Company Role
Piotr Chrobot Wunderman Executive Creative Director
Piotr Osinksi Wunderman Executive Creative Director
Alvaro Bretel Wunderman Strategy Director
Georges Kallab Wunderman Group Account Director
Piotr Skarbek Wunderman Senior Copywriter
Agata Kubien Wunderman Senior Art Director
Nabila Zaidi Wunderman Copywriter
Farid Hage Wunderman Account Manager
Muhammad Azam Wunderman Junior Art Director
Adeel Allahwala Unilever Marketing Manager