2018 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Talent
Production 2 VELVET Munich, GERMANY
Additional Company GOLDSTEIN London, UNITED KINGDOM

The Campaign

Are nuts diamonds? To most people, the answer would be... Of course not! So, the idea was to show people that nuts are actually a much bigger deal than they think, and should be given the attention they deserve. Especially when hosting guests that are difficult, judgmental, look at every detail and are tough to impress. And let's face it, here in the Middle East, we do care about being remembered for our hospitality and leave a good impression. And Sunbites, with their premium quality and handpicked nuts will never let the good host down.

Creative Execution

We endorsed Raya Abi Rached, a natural and fun celebrity known for being a "Good Host" in her world of A-Class TV shows, red carpets, and entertainment. Casting her to launch the new range in a 'light-hearted' way while amplifying 'premiumness' was a great opportunity; translating directly her personality into that of the brand that stands for "Playfully Good". In our film, she plays 2 roles: the "good host" that cares about pleasing her guests and the other, a "connoisseur" that inspects the premium quality of nuts. In the fantastical set up of her house, she playfully takes us on an entertaining journey where we see her try to please: old friends from college, mothers of her daughter's classmates and in-laws who judge everything. The campaign ran from October 19 to December 23 on TV and across Facebook & Instagram, a mixture of mixed placement and single platform ads.

*We reached 7 Million people and secured 75% positive sentiment, exceeding industry benchmarks. *We achieved 105% vs revenue target and almost 100% vs volume target post campaign; with 100% incremental growth *We gained 6% share after just 3 retail audit readings, an outstanding result given the fragmented category. The no.1 player is at 15% after almost a decade of existence… so securing 6% only shows great future potential. *Sunbites became: - #1 in Almonds - #2 in Cashews, Pistachios and Mixed Nuts - #3 Plain and Flavored Peanuts *The campaign scored beyond industry average in post evaluation: - 68% Awareness (vs 40% industry average) - 46% Trial (vs 25% average) - 30% Repeat Consumption (vs 15% average) - 65% Retention Rate (Trial to Repeat) (vs 60% average) Proving the success of the campaign not only short-term but also long-term with a high potential of retaining loyal customers and growing share.

We tied up with Raya Abi Rached, a famous TV personality, popular for hosting "Arabs Got Talent"; and her own show "Scoop", where she plays host to A-List celebrities worldwide at Cannes, Oscars and other premium events. Riding on our celebrity's fame in the business of entertainment, we showed people a whole new side of Raya. We leveraged her personality as an on-screen host but this time, entertaining very different kind of guests.

Our consumers live in a society full of judgment and gossip… where everyone expects everything to be perfect. No room for mistakes, and women always have to represent the best version of themselves, especially when around people. Only with validation all-round can they actually feel confident and uplifted. This feeling of pressure is accentuated when hosting a gathering at home; with guests' expectations heightened especially with regards to what is being served to them. In those moments when she needs to get it right, only the best snacks will do; and since nuts are central to every gathering, she needs to make sure that she is only offering the best and most premium quality. Buying cheaper nuts would not do the trick, and Sunbites' premium nuts would only fit perfectly. The base of the strategy was therefore to focus on 'hosting' social gatherings and the importance of getting it 'right'.


Name Company Role
Marie-Claire Malouf Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
Sarah Berro Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Arabic Writer
Alok Mohan Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Aunindo Sen Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
Philippe Berthelot Impact BBDO Dubai General Manager
Jad Al Rabahi Impact BBDO Dubai Regional Account Director
Amira Abdelnabi Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Account Manager
Jala Fawaz Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Planning Manager
Rajaa Chami Impact BBDO Dubai Broadcast Producer
Richard Gandiongco Impact BBDO Dubai Graphic Designer