2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryOnline: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation Y&R CAIRO, EGYPT
Production MARADONA Giza, EGYPT

The Campaign

Fashion trends almost always die out at some point. Just like our elders who followed ambitious trends at their time, one day we will all be in their shoes. Our idea is a warning message to today's youth from old men and women who once followed fashion trends blindly, and now look back in regret.

Creative Execution

In the form of a music video, we see old men and women grouped in deserted places that were once cool. They are wearing all the clothes they once thought were in and singing about how their fashion died while warning the younger generations that someday they will be in their shoes. We see a sense of betrayal on their faces and regret in their voices from the fashion they once believed would last, and now they are left looking outdated and out of place. The film was released at the end of Ramadan and right before the feast where there is a common tradition for Egyptians to buy new clothes specifically for the holidays. It was launched on TV and online and for the very first time in Egypt, a retail clothing brand strike a chord with the masses leaving everyone to question their fashion decisions.

Online, the campaign reached almost 7 Million people and earned 6.5 Million views on Facebook and 853K on YouTube, with 3 Million engagements. Men and woman were sharing the film stating their own mischief and how every time they pick out their outfits now, Town Team’s song plays in their heads. It left the youngsters with the heavy responsibility to question their fashion sense and not to take their fashion choices lightly. The new voice of Town Team, instantly became the adopted voice by local brands and fashion enthusiasts.

In the form of a lighthearted music video, the film features nowadays elders in the most ridiculous outfits they used to own back in the day. With a catchy tune and awkward dance moves, viewers are glued when watching how out of place these people are.

Town Team is a brand that only carries basic, casual, timeless wear. In some cases, it could be perceived as a brand that is not the most fashionable. Our strategy was turning what might seem as something negative, to our advantage and making it our brand’s main point of strength. We positioned Town Team a brand with undying style.


Name Company Role
Neviene Ragab Y&R Cairo Senior Art Director
Mahmoud Shokri Y&R Cairo Senior Art Director
Abdullah Fareed Y&R Cairo Senior Copywriter
Hassan El Sada Y&R Cairo Managing Director
Yasmin Reda Y&R Cairo Account Manager
Salma Al Salawy Y&R Cairo Account Executive
Shady Abdel-Aziz Y&R Cairo Agency Production
Rasha Hashem Maradona Executive Producer
Micheal Makram Maradona Executive Producer
Aya Hossam Maradona Assistant Producer
Nader El-Nakoury Freelancer Director
Muhammed Ibrahim Freelancer DOP
Ahmed Thabet Freelancer DOP
Wael Alaa BIRDKILL Music Composer
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