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Case Film

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EntrantFP7/BAH Manama, BAHRAIN
CategoryUse of Social Platforms
Idea Creation FP7/BAH Manama, BAHRAIN
Media Placement FP7/BAH Manama, BAHRAIN

The Campaign

Most subscribers of Batelco’s competitors complain about slow Internet speeds on social media. Especially Twitter. We spotted an opportunity there. We scanned their Twitter profiles; their likes and dislikes, to personalize our communication and responded to them in real time, as well as offer them a chance to switch to the fastest network. Witty and clever responses grew the conversation instantly, with an increasing number of people tagging their ISPs about frustratingly slow Internet speeds. To increase our reach, we also created a song with social influencers about slow Internet in Bahrain that went viral.

Creative Execution

A social campaign was launched with a 10-day duration. It began on Twitter but reached other social platforms due to users taking screenshots of the replies and posting them on Facebook & Instagram. Using Twitter’s direct messaging, we guided users to a custom made microsite where they entered their details and were then contacted by Batelco’s representatives to ensure a smooth switch of Internet providers.

Within a day of the launch, our campaign hashtag #StayConnected was trending on Twitter, with 30% of Bahrain’s Twitterati engaging with it. The conversation reached more than 70% of Twitter accounts on the island. The slow Internet song was the top trending video on YouTube for a week in Bahrain with over 2 million views. Batelco’s social platforms witnessed an increase in followers by more than 30%, and more importantly, new acquisitions grew by over 220% as compared to the previous months.

Twitterference is an example of how social media was used in a different way to communicate the newly received award from Ookla

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

To increase our customer base, we targeted the subscribers of Batelco’s competition that usually vent their frustration about slow Internet on social media. Especially Twitter. We scanned their profiles for their preferences and personalized responses to encourage them switch to Batelco.


Name Company Role
Ehab Lori FP7/BAH Managing Director
Amit Kapoor FP7/BAH Creative Director
Umar Achraf FP7/BAH Consumer Engagement Manager
John Fayek FP7/BAH Art Director
Amit Kapoor, Umar Achraf, Clive Pereira FP7/BAH Copywriters
Mohamed Sabra FP7/BAH Senior Account Director
Heba Yousafali FP7/BAH Account Executive
Noha Alaa FP7/BAH Media Executive
Tahaab Rais FP7 MENA Regional Head of Strategic Planning / Creative Strategy Director
Abdulla Abuidrees Batelco Marketing Communications Senior Manager
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