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CategoryUse of Brand or Product Integration into a Programme or Platform

The Campaign

Research revealed a simple truth: Many non-treating sensitivity sufferers didn't know what was causing their pain. They are unaware that sensitivity is caused by tiny holes in dentine becoming exposed. More importantly, once dentine is exposed, nerves become susceptible to triggers such as eating/drinking leading to a sharp pains or twinges. In a Region where almost everyone now considers themselves a ‘foodie’, that presents a few problems. In fact, in KSA, where there aren’t too many entertainment options, eating good food is virtually considered a National Sport! Attitudes towards home cooking were also changing. Passions were extending into Saudi kitchens with recipe experimentation becoming a daily ritual. It was clear these newfound culinary passions provided us with the perfect opportunity to connect audiences with R&P’s promise. Using this insight, we set out to demonstrate that only Sensodyne delivers stronger repair enabling you to explore and enjoy strong passion for food.

Creative Execution

With two-thirds of people suffering sensitivity pain when eating cold food and just over half experiencing the same when breathing in cold air, we opted for ‘chilling’ content over warmer varieties. They say ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’. But given the intensity of Top Chef, that would be too easy. Therefore, Sensodyne took the contestants out of the studio and onto the snow of Ski Dubai – for an entire episode! We linked product benefits to cold sensitivity triggers by challenging contestants in a sub-zero environment. Our Sensodyne episode centered around their efforts to unlock frozen ingredients, negotiate the icy terrain and ultimately cook with an Artic blast of cold air in their face! In addition to studio branding and idents throughout, we extended the integration with ‘chill tests’ on-ground, Facebook LIVE broadcasts, social task seeding, radio content and a series of ‘how-to’ videos featuring

By shaping programming around sensitivity triggers we creatively communicated that Senosdyne provides stronger repair for even the coldest challenges! With an average audience of 7m, we succeeded in helping more people to realize they had a sensitivity issue and that it was treatable, with new Sensodyne Advanced R&P. For every $1 invested in the Top Chef partnership, we generated nearly $3 in media and brand value in return. In addition, we gained 2.7m engagements for Sensodyne via bespoke Facebook content. From a business perspective, annual sales targets were smashed within just 2 months, whilst market share rose by a whopping 33% (from 22.8% to 30.4%). Finally, by providing Top Chef contestants with Sensodyne Advanced R&P in the opening scene of episode 1, we ensured that every tasting they undertook was sensitivity-free!

To launch new Sensodyne Advanced Repair & Protect we teamed up with ‘Top Chef’. But with other show sponsors, we needed to avoid the cliches of picture-perfect food plates. ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’. So we took contestants out of the studio and onto the snow - linking product benefits to cold sensitivity triggers. Sensodyne challenged chefs with unlocking frozen ingredients, negotiating icy terrain and working in Artic conditions! By shaping chilling content we communicated only Sensodyne provides stronger repair for even the coldest challenges! And with 7m viewers, we delivered it at scale.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

With over half of the population suffering from sensitivity, we needed to go BIG, casting the widest net to cover the largest audience. For a food loving audience, that meant leveraging TV cookery programming and there was no BIGGER format about to hit the screens than the launch of ‘Top Chef’. Like Masterchef and Chopped, Top Chef is all about great Food, with amateur chefs battling it out for supremacy with their exotic creations. What made Top Chef unique was that no other format matched the intensity contestants experienced in their weekly challenges. Therefore, we spotted an opportunity to partner with Top Chef and leverage the formats intensity to amplify R&P’s core benefits. However, with other sponsors on-board such as Puck, Nutella and Sadia, we needed to avoid the classic themes of ‘nom nom nom’ and picture-perfect plates of food. So how would we integrate Sensodyne into the action?


Name Company Role
Ratna Shankar MediaCom MENA Associate Planning Director
Yves Massaad MediaCom MENA Client Managing Partner
Mayank Garg MediaCom MENA Head of Content
Joseph Kurieh MediaCom MENA Buying Director
Farah Najjar MediaCom MENA Content Executive
Rita Tohme MediaCom MENA Senior Content Executive
Lidvia Concessao MediaCom MENA Media Manager