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Product/ServiceABED TAHAN
CategoryUse of Audio Platforms
Idea Creation RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON
Media Placement RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

This year we decided to target the adults and let them know it was ok to ask for Christmas gifts. We started by creating a campaign called "You're never too old for Christmas" It was a series of online videos that showed adults speaking in a child voice whilst asking for their gifts. Our films spread online and become the most popular Christmas campaign in Lebanon. But this wasn't enough to get people to ask for gifts. We saw an opportunity to let adults ask for the gifts they wanted whilst at the same time create a user generated catalogue for us on social media.

Creative Execution

We pre recorded our best selling Christmas items using a Child's voice and uploaded them to the popular voice app, Dubsmash. Adults could then enter the app an select the gift they wanted and create a video where they would say it in a child's voice. People could choose from Camera, iPhone, Treadmill all the way to the new Playstation VR. Once they record their video, they would upload it to social media or share it to their whats app groups. This was a way for people to show what they wanted, but in a humorous manner.

Our activation quickly became the most popular Christmas campaign in Lebanon, spreading on Social Media and Messaging apps. By the second week of December we had over 400 videos created on Dubsmash and 300,000 video views. Adults found it to be a cute way to break the ice and ask for gifts. By uploading their videos, people were promoting our Christmas offers indirectly, whilst letting their friends and family know what they wanted, directly. Our activation resulted in a 15% increase in Christmas sales from last year and solidified Abed Tahan as the leading destination for gifts.

This work is relevant to Media because we we were able to use an existing platform to benefit our brand and generate user content in a way not done before.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

We needed In order to make sure our activation was successful, we had to find a way that was quick, easy and not too embarrassing to share. We knew that people wanted to ask for gifts, but maybe some were to shy to do it. Whist we could've created our own platform, we decided to use a very popular app in Lebanon to get our idea across, Dubsmash.


Name Company Role
Fadi Mroue Republique Creative Director
Jihad Harmoush Republique Account Director
Abdallah Jajeh Republique Art Director
Issam Itani Republique Editor
Tarek Shami Republique Animator
Youmna Kreidi Republique Account Handler
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