2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceDACIA DOKKER
CategoryDurable Consumer Goods, including Cars
Idea Creation J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Production J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO

The Campaign

We built on an emotional platform in disruption with the category and addressed a simple human need, recognition, indeed, despite the nobility of our audience work, craftmanship, no one really offers them the credit they deserve and society tends to shut them out as uneducated or idle people. Our creative platform focused on recognizing their skills : You are the Master. A tribute to the hard workers, perfectionists. Shedding lights on the forgotten ones, boosting their image and most importantly their business. Indeed, Craftsmanship is part of Moroccan identity and reputation around the world, but craftsmen do not have the status they deserve. The idea was to launch a contest to celebrate craftsmanship and allocate the media budget to promote the art and work of the winner instead of the nameplate offering a nationwide exposure to him, and to craftsmanship. The campaign included TV/Radio/Outdoor worth 150K€.

Creative Execution

Our audience is very sensitive to the human contact, they like to be approached, and spending their daytime listening to Radio. Phase 1: Invitation. In Berber regions, we broadcasted our radio spot in the local dialect, and not the usual Moroccan Slung. Indeed, in this region, people do not communicate in Arabic, but use Amazigh to demonstrate their belonging to the Berber identity and culture. We also had a team on the ground distributing flyers in souks. We also pushed the campaign online through social media. The idea was also to reach craftsmen through their children. Phase 2: Promoting the winner. 1-Offering the media budget to the winner In Morocco, beyond reach, being on TV is a matter of prestige. Having its own billboards is an invaluable recognition. The objective was to reach a wider audience, to show craftsmen merit and skills.

In June 2016, Dacia Dokker reached 60% market share of the Ludospaces segment, letting Fiat Doblo away behind with 30% market share. Moreover, Bipper and Nemo was forced out of the market Q2 2016. Our effort in 2016 helped the Model gains 8pts in Overall Opinion and finally exceed the segment average. Same for familiarity. In addition to this results, the contest was a huge success in terms of participation for such a target that is not used to participate in advertising campaign. - 4,232 users of the website, 60% coming from Mobile. - 218 participants, 90% through the website, 65% through the mobile website.

Abdelaziz Al Manzai is now known all over Morocco. He was the winner of a nationwide contest for craftsmanship organized by Dacia Dokker. Beyond the prize, he won a nationwide exposure for his art, passion and business, being granted the media budget for the Dacia Dokker campaign of march 2016. Indeed, the contest we organized invited our audience to win a campaign promoting their own business.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The ambition was to target small commerce owners (groceries, small retailers…) professionals (plumber, electrician...) and craftsmen. Usually perceived as very rational in their choice, having low income, and willing to buy a car that will allow them to use it for their everyday working tasks, as well as for the family. They are often family patriarch bringing the only family revenue to their house, they are working hard to offer to their family a better life than the one they had while they were kids. They don’t feel valued and recognized by the society for their work, they are in need of recognition, and specially in front of their family. We built on an emotional platform in disruption with the category and addressed a simple human need, with the willingness to shed some light on an forgotten community.


Name Company Role
Ramsey Naja J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Marouane El Hanafi J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Associate Creative Director
Hazem Kaddour J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Managing Director
Sarah Bencherqi J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Account Manager
Yasmine Loukmari J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Art Director
Houda Moulki J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Account Executive
Samir Abouzakaria J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Art Director
Naoufal Badri OMD Morocco General Manager
Younes Messaoud J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Head of Studio
Ahmed Soltan J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Creative Services Manager
Lilia Rachedi OMD Morocco Account Director
Amal Hatifi OMD Morocco Digital Media Planner
Achraf Lemnini Share Conseil General Manager
Siham Abid Renault Maroc Communication Manager
Loubna Rharbi Renault Maroc Brand Manager
Adnane Smaili Renault Maroc Digital Manager
Riadh El Hajjar Share Conseil Project Manager
Pierre Truss Renault Maroc Marketing Director
Lamia Ameur Renault Maroc Marketing Director
Ahmed El Zoghlami J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Executive Creative Director
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