2017 Winners & Shortlists


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The Campaign

Our creative idea was to re-establish the emotional connection with Flake by sharing their passion for fashion. That year, yellow and purple - the brand colors - were the trending fashion hues of 2016, and so our idea was born. We decided to turn our consumers into creators and helped them unleash their creativity with #MyFlakeDress. The campaign provided every couture- and chocolate-lover a chance to become a designer and create a dress inspired by the taste, packaging, texture and shape of Flake chocolate. The final outcome was truly inspired, and brought together the passion for indulgence in chocolate and fashion in one creation.

Creative Execution

The campaign lived on social, as it was social by design. With the help of Anfal el Saleh, a Kuwaiti haute couture designer and social influencer, we inspired young Kuwaiti fashionistas to go to their drawing boards and envisage the dress of their dreams. Our partnership with Anfal extended into an influencer role, benefiting from her large Insta-following to give our campaign extra reach; using the #MyFlakeDress hashtag, women were asked to submit their designs on Instagram. Rolled out over September and October 2016, the culmination of our campaign came when a gorgeous, mermaid gown was selected as the winning sketch, then elegantly brought to life with Swarovski crystals and the palette of Flake colours. A professional videographer captured the whole process, every stitch and snip, with the video shared online to reach a wider cross-section of users.

The results exceeded all expectations. We delivered 6,038,903 impressions reaching over 60% of our target audience in Kuwait. Nearly 200 submissions were received in just over 20 days, and each one represented a consumer who had become involved with the brand and turned into a loyal brand advocate – someone who spent hours designing the dress and engaging with the brand. By the end, we had shared the Flake fairytale...and unleashed the creative power of dozens of women for whom Flake will always be the most fashionable chocolate choice.

In a market where user generated content is underestimated, this campaign showed that it is alive – as long as the context is right. By conversing with the audience in a language they recognize and celebrate, we used the medium of fashion to strengthen the relationship with a brand of chocolate, Cadbury Flake. We took consumers on a journey that started online on social media, moved offline, then completed it by spreading the offline transformation, online. #MyFlakeDress inspired women to indulge in a fairytale, where they could design their dream dress inspired by Flake, and see it come to life!

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Flake, a crumbly, indulgent chocolate bar offers a magical, immersive and personal experience in every bite. But somehow women in Kuwait had forgotten the magic that Flake holds. So we decided to rebuild their connection with the brand by talking about what they love the most: Fashion Kuwait is known to be a regional fashion hub, boasting some of the top fashion influencers. For Kuwaiti women, fashion is a personal statement of style, and a reflection of their individuality. But what they love most - is indulging in fashion that’s unique and exclusive. Just like the experience of enjoying a Flake! So our strategy was to combine the indulgence in fashion, with the most indulgent chocolate by igniting their passion and invited them to create #MyFlakeDress - a social media campaign that inspired women to express their love for flake and fashion.


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Amine Abou Ajram Mediavest|Spark Dubai Media Director
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