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Product/ServiceOREO BISCUIT
CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods

The Campaign

OREO has a new story, be part of it. The idea was to introduce Wonderfilled, our brand idea, by sparking childlike imagination. A feeling that thrives in childhood but is often forgotten as we grow up, wonder is ability to see the magic in everyday life. Our aim was to bring that back.

Creative Execution

We transformed every piece of Oreo advertising content into an open-ended story, featuring relevant and beloved characters — and invited consumers to create their own Wonderfilled versions of events. Using playful music and animation, every story started by asking, “Wonder if I gave an Oreo to…” Then left it up to consumers to imagine the rest. From the responses, we created new stories and illustrated them in animated storyboards and branded videos promoted on social media. We then teamed up with popular local musical influencers and with their help transformed all the stories into lyrics to create a series of original anthems - 100% crowdsourced. For months, the multimedia world was infused with wonder: we narrated our fantastic tales across every touchpoint spanning from TV, to social media, display banners, to music apps, and in-store material.

Our results were truly Wonderfilled. One piece of content gave life to the next, which gave life to the next, and the next —sparking a chain reaction of stories, sparking more than 1,500 story submissions. Our video content was viewed 16MM times on social media with a view-through-rate twice the industry average, and an engagement rate 5.8x the brand average. As a result, measure on relevance grew by 13pp, and purchase intent grew by 13pp, translating into 42% growth in sales versus a year ago. Not only did our campaign over-deliver on business and marketing objectives, it was also rooted in meaningful insight and demonstrated innovation on all levels. But more importantly, it allowed us to reawaken the child in all of us by turning our magic cookie into a shareable token.

The power of this campaign lied in its ability to spark childlike imagination by transforming every social user into a storyteller. Every piece of branded content became an open-ended story, leveraging relatable characters and personalities from our childhood to invite consumers to create their own Wonderfilled version of events. From the responses, we created new stories and illustrated them in animated storyboards and branded videos -100% crowd-sourced. One piece of content gave life to the next, which gave life to the next, and the next —sparking a chain reaction of stories that captivated the imagination and in turn sparked wonder.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

How do we get a culture that is known to encourage growing up to believe in the idea of Wonderfilled, and to live their childhood again? One thing we knew for sure is that Arabs love stories. Storytelling is so important in Arab culture, it even has its own name in the Arab vocabulary, as people who tell stories are called Hakawati and it was recognized as a job in ancient times. Therefore, it is no wonder — pun intended — that the culture that grew up to stories of One Thousand and One Nights, and gave the world stories of Sinbad and Aladdin would appreciate a brand that invites them to reawaken these memories and invites them to be part of it. Our strategy was to spark wonder by appealing to the storyteller in all of us.


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Sanjay Bhatia Horizon FCB Group Account Director
Sara Armoul Horizon FCB Senior Account Executive
Tarek Tarshakhani Horizon FCB Art Director
Jed Dawson Horizon FCB Associate Creative Director
Amine Abou Ajram MediaVest|Spark Account Lead
Maria Ravina MediaVest|Spark Digital Director
Mohammad Al-Bassoumi MediaVest|Spark Media Manager
Dina Abu-Muwais Mediavest|Spark Content & Social Media Manager
Emad AbuSharekh Mondelez International Senior Category Manager
Marwan ElMontaser Mondelez International Category Brand Manager
Mahdi AlHusseini Mondelez International Brand Equity Manager
Krinio Christaras Mondelez International Head of Media MENAP
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