2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryConsumer Products
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Cairo, EGYPT

Results and Effectiveness

Targets were over-achieved before 2013 closing. 1. Achieved value share 1.6% vs. 1% target 2. 60% Top of Mind Apr-Jun 2013, +38 points vs. competitor 3. Brand health skyrocketed in Mar 2013 vs. May 2012: a. Makes me feel joyful 57 vs. 44 b. Optimistic 76 vs. 56 c. Offers new and exciting things 48 vs. 42 4. Bubbly achieved 13% trial, 31% total awareness reaching 1.6% market share. 5. The same campaign rolled out in Levant delivering exceptional results. Market shares in Lebanon doubled achieving the highest value. Market shares increased by 0.6 in Jordan.

Creative Execution

While the country suffered from political divide, our goal was to hit our consumers when they needed joy the most. Starting their days in endless traffic on unprotected streets, billboards reminded them of the magical world where chocolate comes from, while our radio program inspired hope, brought optimism and smiles back to the Egyptians. At the time when their Facebook screens were filled up with tormenting political analysis we created “Burst the Joy” game to establish the association of Bubbly with joy and provide exciting moments of joy. As families gathered around their TV sets in anticipation of breaking news, Bubbly’s strategic placement in all news segments, and breaking stories reminded them of one of life’s simple pleasures; Cadbury chocolate. We created a mass scale on ground activation during Carrefour Annual Chocolate Festival that was essential in modern trade surrounding our consumer through his journey of buying CDM Bubbly

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Although chocolate is considered a luxury for most struggling Egyptian youth, Cadbury has always offered specialty chocolate at affordable prices. However our leadership position was being fiercely threatened, as our competitor penetrated the lower segment. While the global positioning of Cadbury was all about multiplying joy through Joyville, the overall circumstances of our country and the effects on our youth target of 18-24 ABC1 were putting us at a standstill. Our target was consumed with political turmoil, severe economic depression and lack of security, a new reality that does not have any inclination of “joy” Our challenge was to communicate at a time of instability and fear, an emotional benefit of joy. We needed to maintain Cadbury’s leadership and widen the competitive gap by reviving the brand and creating excitement through launching new unexpected innovation. Bubbly surrounded Egyptian youth with moments of joy when they needed it most.


Name Company Role
Sara Metwelly Starcom Mediavest Group Head Of Starcom
Mary Shawky Starcom Mediavest Group Associate Media Director
Amir Tawaf Starcom Mediavest Group Media Executive
Joubran Abdul Khalek Starcom Mediavest Group Associate Director/Digital
Asmaa Hassan Starcom Mediavest Group Social Community Manager Starcom Mediavest Group/Egypt
Hania El Kably Starcom Mediavest Group Senior Digital Planner Starcom Mediavest Group/Egypt
Doaa Salah Mondelez Chocolate/Wafer Category Director/Mashreq
Ahmed Emad Mondelez Media Manager Mashreq
Perihan Osman Mondelez Assistant Brand Manager
Wael Nazeem Saatchi/Saatchi Client Servicing Director
Tarek Akil Saatchi/Saatchi Account Director
Sandy Hanna Saatchi/Saatchi Senior Account Executive
Sherif Nashed Saatchi/Saatchi Creative Director