2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategorySpecial Events And Stunt/Live Advertising
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Cairo, EGYPT

Results and Effectiveness

Egypt: 1. Top of Mind +122% versus a goal of 50% 2. Spontaneous awareness +74% versus a goal of 50% 3. Overall brand relevance +21 points a) Helps me enjoy life at 73 versus goal of 60 b) Leaves me in a better state of mind at 75 versus goal of 66 c) Trigger positivity in my life at 68 versus goal of 65 Lebanon: 1. Market share +35% 2. Top of Mind +17% 3. Unaided ad awareness increased from 59% to 64% 4. Increased fan base by 12,500, driving over 97,000 users to the Facebook application.

Creative Execution

Leveraging high Digital penetration against this target across both markets, we challenged our audience through a virtual Bathtub Racer design contest on our Facebook Fan Page to create their own Bathtub Racers, and the most liked designs were brought to life and their creators were invited to Tridents Bathtub Street Race for real. The campaign witnessed organic growth, where consumers shared their designs with their social world in hope to gather the most likes. The campaign was supported by ads on Facebook and Twitter, in Malls and on 3D OOH, inspiring laughter while consumers are stuck in traffic in both markets. In Lebanon, further executions took place on Virgin Radio with direct call to action messages, directing people to the real Bathtub race. By that, for one afternoon, Trident brought safety & spontaneous fun to the streets of both countries and the young adults living them every day.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Trident was unveiling a regional campaign across the Middle East & Africa revolving around Fun, Creativity and Experience. The two focus markets were Lebanon and Egypt, two completely different markets sharing one reality: living in a state of civil unrest. While Trident’s global positioning was about a spark that liberates fun, the overall circumstances of both countries resulted in youth consumed with political turmoil, severe economic depression, chaos and lack of security that they were struggling to find routine that had any inclination of “fun.” An integrated campaign was launched with a TVC featuring young adults inspired by Trident to change an ordinary bathtub into creatively decorated street racers. However, that wasn’t enough to announce fun to a young consumer, full of hope and always looking for new experiences. So, we took it a step further where we transformed the Bathtub idea from a TVC to real life race experience.


Name Company Role
Sara Metwelly Starcom Mediavest Group Head Of Starcom
Mary Shawky Starcom Mediavest Group Associate Media Director
Dina Abdel Azim Starcom Mediavest Group Senior Account Executive
Joubran Abdul Khalek Starcom Mediavest Group Associate Director/Digital
Asmaa Hassan Starcom Mediavest Group Social Community Manager Starcom Mediavest Group/Egypt
Hania El Kably Starcom Mediavest Group Senior Digital Planner Starcom Mediavest Group/Egypt
Joyce Hallak Starcom Mediavest Group Deputy Gm Starcom Mediavest Group
Cedric Barsoumian Starcom Mediavest Group Media Manager
Ghida Batal Starcom Mediavest Group Social Community Manager
Bassem Abdul Ghani Mondelez Director Gum/Candy And Powdered Beverages/Mashreq
Irini Medhat Mondelez Brand Manager Mondelez/Egypt
Ralph Sayegh Mondelez Brand Manager Mondelez/Levant
Tarek Akil Saatchi/Saatchi Account Director
Ahmed Sobeih Saatchi/Saatchi Senior Account And Digital Manager
Mariam Radwan Saatchi/Saatchi Account Executive
Sherif Nashed Saatchi/Saatchi Creative Director
Wael Hussein Saatchi/Saatchi Managing Director