2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategorySocial Media

Results and Effectiveness

According to our client and the distributors on the ground, this helped drive the initiative specific business objectives but even more importantly it drove awareness of the brand campaign (putting make up artistry into women’s hands). It achieved this by being highly engaging and ultimately led to record increases in brand engagement in the digital space and beyond: - Fans pre-campaign 100,000; post-campaign 1.2million - 50% increase in likes from mobile devices in 5 days - Weekly total reach 1.1million users - 55,000 YouTube views in one day - Over 10% of our 1.2million fans actively talking about our page

Creative Execution

The idea was to bring to life the 12-hour benefit of Max Factor’s foundation by following a full day in the life of the region’s most famous beauty icon, Joelle Mardinian. The videos and visuals from that day were featured on Max Factor Arabia’s Facebook page through a specific application, as well as through a detailed conversation calendar that featured the looks, Instagram pictures and videos. On the day of the launch, the entire campaign was featured on Joelle’s Twitter page. During 12 hours, Joelle posted updates on her day with Max Factor, with beautiful images highlighting her different looks and the products she was using. Within each post Joelle mentioned how the foundation has continued to give her the perfect finish all day. As Joelle’s Twitter page is linked to her Facebook page, her fans on her Facebook page were also able to follow along and share their comments and feedback with her.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The objective is to regionally amplify the global launch of Max Factor’s new ALL-DAY FLAWLESS FOUNDATION: 12 hours of a perfectly flawless look. Our consumers are highly immersed in their beauty world. They are highly engaged in social media especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These platforms serve many purposes for them including social, product education, entertainment, escapism, etc. They are also key to bringing to life the brand’s desire to bring glamour and make up artistry into women’s lives. We wanted to connect with these women in an entertaining and engaging way, while using their beauty role model, Joelle Mardinian. Our target views Joelle as an inspirational beauty influencer, and they are avid and curious followers of her social, personal and professional lives. So we simply answered their hunger in the social/digital space by enabling them to follow a 12-hour day in Joelle’s life, which also demonstrated the longevity of Max Factor’s All-Day Flawless Foundation.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Beirut Chief Creative Officer
Malek Ghorayeb Leo Burnett Beirut Regional Executive Creative Director
Haytham Dayeh Leo Burnett Beirut Regional Communication Director
Sarah Ezzeddine Leo Burnett Beirut Communications Supervisor
Yasmina Baz Leo Burnett Beirut Creative Director
Lea Salibi Leo Burnett Beirut Associate Creative Director
Farrah Berrou Leo Burnett Beirut Art Director
Miguele Issa Leo Burnett Beirut Art Director
Salem Habbous Leo Burnett Beirut Copywriter
Lama Bawadi Leo Burnett Beirut Copywriter
Jad Jureidini Leo Burnett Beirut Digital Communication Director
Samer Shoueiry Leo Burnett Beirut Digital Director
Monika Stepien Leocomm Dubai Communications Director
Anjala Gulati Leocomm Dubai Communications Manager
Gabriel Abou Daher Leo Burnett Beirut Head Of Tv Production
Michel Abou Zeid Independent Productions Director
Steve Kozman Photographer
Talaat Elhabbal Starcom Mediavest Group Dubai Media Manager