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CategoryDigital Media (Including Internet, Mobile Devices, etc)
Entrant Company RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON

Results and Effectiveness

Downloaded over 6000 times, the app reached number 1 in the Lebanese Utilities app rankings, and the top 100 in 12 countries. It immediately appeared on Twitter and Instagram, as users shared the app and their results, with the hashtag #lovetranslator. Several international blogs shared the app, applauding its appeal and innovation. Thousands of submissions were received through the "suggest a translation" feature, proving that the app was appreciated and engaging. Mukhi Sisters enjoyed a 300% increase in sales this Valentine's vs. last year and have seen their brand shared across the world, exposing it to a wider audience.

Creative Execution

The concept of Love Translator is based on the fact that common misunderstandings can be fixed through better communication. By creating a mobile application that would live-translate “Female” to English, the idea of “fixing inter-gender miscommunication” was given a user-friendly platform, where our target audience had a direct link to the brand as well as a shareable, playful tool that would prompt potential hours of engagement. We developed the app to have a facilitated interface, giving users a familiar and direct way to interact with the app. Through the IOS App Store, our app was delivered for the world to download, taking the brand beyond the Lebanese borders, using a tool that employed a universally-relatable idea, not specific to the country or region.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our objectives were to increase Mukhi Sisters' sales during Valentine's, exposing the brand to a wider audience, while staying within budget and making an impact that spoke louder than the competition. Their target audience of mostly young, non-traditional women, see the brand as a reflection of their non-conventional selves. There is a common perception that men don't understand women and that women often don't say exactly what they mean. We decided that this was the perfect insight to use in helping men choose the perfect Valentine's gift. Enter Love Translator - the app that directly translates from Female to English, and also subtly suggests a few gift ideas. The app was relevant for the brand, reflecting its unique communication approach using a medium that has been rarely used by its competitors. For the audience it used a universal idea they could directly relate to, through a medium that was personal and immediate.


Name Company Role
Fadi Mroue République Creative Director
Yasmin Murad République Creative Director
Fadi Mroue République Art Director
Yasmin Murad République Copywriter
Maguy Nakad République Account Handler
Ronny Shibley République Lead Developer
Ramin Arnaout République Ios Developer