2014 Winners & Shortlists

355 ML

EntrantOMD Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryIntegrated Media Campaign
Advertising Agency BBDO Cairo, EGYPT
Media Agency OMD Cairo, EGYPT
Entrant Company OMD Cairo, EGYPT

Results and Effectiveness

PCampaign reach on Facebook scored 88.2% of our target, engagement rate grew by 200%, over half a million plays on YouTube, 1.8 million YouTube views and 25% increase in Pepsi Masr Facebook Fanpage.

Creative Execution

To ensure that the hype of the campaign is intensified across the entire duration, four songs were released on separate intervals to maintain the momentum and thirst for our music. With the generation Y high affinity with social media, the hub for our campaign was on Facebook playing the engagement facilitator/moderator and driving music lovers to our online audio/video streaming assets (YouTube and Soundcloud). Offline touch points complemented online to create a holistically intertwined communication. Top radio stations included the music in their weekly playlists. For further buzz, celebrated radio jockeys were nominated as our music ambassadors to publicize and interact with listeners. In order to maximize reach, we aired on TV through the different phases of the campaign. Amplification on ground was done through the 355 ML TRUCK which invited random people to drive around town with a music band performing for them while they quench their thirst on a 355 can.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

A new SKU was being launched by Pepsi, the 355 Ml with a twist. The can would provide more than just a refreshing drink, it will also magnify the moment by offering exclusive music just by scanning the barcode. Our task was to drive the engagement with the can & reinforce the live for now positioning. The insight for this campaign is a merger of a key consumer behavior and widely spread interest in fusion music. With generation Y being Pepsi’s target audience, the idea was to enable the consumers’ to enjoy the moment by providing access to their interests through technology. Pepsi offered its target audience exclusive music, including remixes and remakes of well-known Egyptian songs as well as new novelty accessible by linking them to a QR code placed on the 355 ML Pepsi Can or through Facebook.


Name Company Role
Omar Eid Pepsico Brand Manager
Yasser Ibrahim Omd Senior Digital Excutive
Tarek Jaffar Omd Director
Rana Nagi Omd Media Manger
Rania Hafez Omd Gm
Yahya Sameh OMD Deputy Gm
Ahmed Fahmy Bbdo Account Manager
Hend Ghorab Bbdo Account Executive
Emile Tabanji Bbdo Gm
Karim Samy Omd Director