2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDigital Media (Including Internet, Mobile Devices, etc)
Advertising Agency INTERESTING TIMES Beirut, LEBANON

Results and Effectiveness

Over 2700 fans, with 2 completely different musical tastes, were united under one roof on the Lebanese Independence at the RED BULL SOUNDCLASH 2013 in Beirut. That's over 700 more fans than the maximum expected attendance to the event. The guerrilla campaign created big talk across various social platforms, stirring up conversations, and reaching over 106,000 people on Twitter, and over 707,000 people on Facebook. Evidently, the campaign was picked up by numerous blogs and various news sources, with unpaid featured articles in almost every local news paper. And, 2580 cans of Red Bull were consumed at the event.

Creative Execution

The idea was to hype up the fans of two of the countries most prominent alternative bands WHO-KILLED-BRUCE-LEE (performs in English) and MASHROU-LEILA (performs in Arabic) making fans think the two bands were holding different concerts on the exact same night. The campaign launched on the walls of Beirut with a fake poster war, where each band was plastering their own posters above the other's for 10days. The plastered posters soon began to spell out WHO-KILLED-MASHROU-LEILA, only to later reveal over all the plastered posters with one giant poster that both concerts were Red Bull SoundClash. On social media WHO-KILLED-BRUCE-LEE and MASHROU-LEILA clashed through song with music-clips posted on Facebook criticising how they each were holding concerts on the same night. As the conversation was fuelling between the fans, SoundClash was announced revealing through an interactive film that WHO-KILLED-BRUCE-LEE and MASHROU-LEILA will perform face-to-fcae at the RED BULL SOUNDCLASH.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Red Bull SoundClash is a live musical experience that brings two bands with different styles together under one roof to battle for the devotion of a room full of fans. This unique concert was set to take place for the very first time in Beirut a day after Lebanon's Independence, and would feature two of the country's most prominent bands, with two very different musical styles, and even more so different fan base. The brief was to create hype around the SoundClash concept and create a campaign that would not only drive attendance to the concert, but make people feel united through a once-in-a-life-time musical experience.


Name Company Role
Jimmy Francis Interesting Times Creative Director
Mo Alghossein Interesting Times Creative Director
Ashraf Mansour Interesting Times Strategic Director
Wassim Bassil Interesting Times Managing Director
Lara Safar Interesting Times Engagement Director
Bahaa Awad Interesting Times Senior Digital Producer