2014 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceKEY 3G
CategoryConsumer Services
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Tunis, TUNISIA
Media Agency 2 MINDSHARE Tunis, TUNISIA

Results and Effectiveness

• The three videos recorded the best post performance on the Facebook page in June. • Engagement rate reached 2,3% over set target. • The People Talking about increased by 37%. • The three videos on Youtube were viewed by 50,462 users in one month. • TT has more than recovered the lost market share to reach 35.2% the month following this operation.

Creative Execution

We staged two “elderly people”, preparing and passing the baccalaureate exams to become “students” and be eligible customers for the limited offer by TT. 2 viral “teasers” uploaded on YouTube during exam days with metadata relevant with the famous acronym for baccalaureate “Bac” (replaced in the video as a wordplay with “Pack” Teaser1: Our “senior couple” is preparing with fellow pupils for the exams Teaser2: After the math exam, our senior couple & fellow pupils are reviewing the test outside the school. The reveal: We brought our successful “seniors” to the Baccalaureate celebration party and film everything, making up for both a street event and a viral film.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Since its launch, the market share of Tunisie Telecom’s 3G brand has continued to increase until April 2013 when it witnessed a decrease from 34.9% to 34.3% market share. To regain market share, Tunisie Télécom decided to emphasize its effort on young, yet heavy consumers of data plans: students. To connect with them during The Baccalaureate period and entertain them, we set online viral content, to create a stong emotional connection between its “3G++” brand and future students. The 3G++ Student pack offers requires customer to be a university student. Many people asked for this interesting offer, but they were not eligible because they were not students. Based on this insight, TT wame with the idea of showing that many “older people” are willing to do anything to get the offer “Pack Etudi@nt++”.


Name Company Role
Med Zied Brahim Mindshare Senior Director – Client Leadership
Wassim Elghoudi Mindshare Senior Manager Manager Exchange
Ahmed Jamoussi Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Med Amine Khiari Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Ines Mestikou Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Sawssen Khamassi Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Yssem Saadi Mindshare Digital Manager
Zeynel El/Glaoui Mindshare Digital Executive