2014 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryStandard Outdoor
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Tunis, TUNISIA
Media Agency 2 MINDSHARE Tunis, TUNISIA

Results and Effectiveness

Guests created new #instantNESCAFEs by taking and sharing pictures of the exposed artworks. The event was covered as a cultural activity of the trendy Tunis. • Nescafé ad memorization increased by 448% (Pre.post). • NESCAFE sales increased by 12%.

Creative Execution

The idea was to spread our message digitally on different media. For outdoor, the challenge was harder… We wanted to broadcast live #instantNESCAFE pictures that were shared on social-media, on digital-billboards. so, we connected digital billboards situated in the main axis and hotspots of Tunis to the internet. #instantNESCAFE pictures that were shared on facebook & Instagram were live exhibited on the digital billboards. These billboards became an outdoor showroom of the # instantNESCAFE. Up to 100 pictures per day showing the target consuming NESCAFE in different situations and at different moments of the day, were broadcast live on digital-billboards, thus exposed to over 500000 people every day. The action was taken from the virtual world to the real world by creating the first “digital-vernissage” Were invited to the exhibition, artists/photographers/media experts/journalists/geeks and, active fans on the NESCAFE Facebook/page. Winners were rewarded with last generation smartphones and connected cameras...

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

NESCAFÉ wants to widen its target to a segment that is younger and more connected. A new segment that the brand can engage with, position itself as a modern and trendy brand , and introduce the worldwide platform “It all starts with a NESCAFÉ” in order to create new coffee drinking consumption habits, beyond breakfast. Pictures are one of the most shareable social content in 2013, especially in Tunisia where internet users have subscribed massively to Facebook and Instagram as a medium of expression. Tunisian Internet users were not spared! Young Tunisians are very active on social networks and increasingly share pictures of their activities during the day on Facebook & Instagram. #InstantNESCAFE is a contest where Tunisians were asked to take pictures of activities they start at different moments of the day, inserting a NESCAFÉ item in them. Those pictures were shared on Facebook, Instagram using the hashtag #instantNESCAFE


Name Company Role
Chiraz Ben Saïd Mindshare Tunisia Director – Client Leadership
Mehdi Ben Chabaan Mindshare Exchange Executive
Yssem Saadi Mindshare Digital Manager
Zeynel El/Glaoui Mindshare Digital Executive
Walid Tarifa Mindshare Deputy Managing Director
Kanassed Additional company