2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDigital Media (Including Internet, Mobile Devices, etc)
Entrant Company IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT

Results and Effectiveness

The campaign reached its targets to engage with the youth and encourage them to participate in charitable events. More than 2,700 volunteers participate each donating their time to contribute during the month of Ramadan to 1,000 people every day of the month providing a total of 30,000 meals to those who are in need. Hence, fulfilling the campaign’s definition of contributing. The volunteers did not only participate in providing meals, They also donated compassion, care and time to those who seek care. the animated character series received a total of 18,698 likes and the brand’s followers shot up by 13.4%.

Creative Execution

In addition to using instagram to connect with the youth, The campaign was then communicated on various social platform, online media and mobile to even spread the message further, while directing more traffic to the campaigns micro site for people to register in the charitable activities.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Ramadan, the month of giving and charity, was the perfect time to engage with our customers, encouraging them to give back. The key message Wataniya wanted to communicate was that giving doesn't necessarily have to be of materialistic things. Because giving lies in truly contributing back to those in need, by introducing kind initiatives such as donating time to make a difference, whether in the form of effort, smile or even participate in an activity to become an active and beneficial member in society. The campaign was targeting the youth as the primary audience. As they spend most of their time on their mobiles sharing, connecting and engaging with friends and families. The launch of Instagram’s new video feature in June came in time for the start of the campaign. It’s exactly what we needed as a means to entertain and connect with the youth audience.


Name Company Role
Luciano Dipietro Impact/Echo BBDO Head Of Digital Dept
Patrick Semaan Impact/Echo BBDO Digital Creative Director
Nathalie Badran Impact/Echo BBDO Social Community Manager
Cesar Jachan Impact/Echo BBDO Executive Creative Director
Lokesh Achaiah Impact/Echo BBDO Creative Director
Ayed Hassoun Impact/Echo BBDO Senior Arabic Copywriter
Ayman Rawashdeh Impact/Echo BBDO Sr. Developer
Rithesh Ozario Impact/Echo BBDO Sr. Developer
Ahmed Waheib Impact/Echo BBDO Art Director
Hussein Ali Hammoud Impact/Echo BBDO Account Director
Hadi Abdel Majeed Impact/Echo BBDO Group Account Director
Akram Rehayel Impact/Echo BBDO Art Director
Yara Raffoul Impact/Echo BBDO Art Director
George Rizkallah Impact/Echo Bbdo Art Director
Sarah M. Mobasher Impact/Echo BBDO Account Executive