2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryIntegrated Media Campaign
Advertising Agency MEMAC OGILVY ADVIZE Amman, JORDAN
Media Agency MINDSHARE Amman, JORDAN

Results and Effectiveness

1- Consumer confidence increased. In a poll following the campaign 79% of respondents confirmed their confidence towards Jordanian products increased. (online Poll by the agency) 2- 9,260 stories created about the campaign on social media. (Facebook pages insights) 3- USD 53,200 earned online media exposure;engagements and mentions on social media and news portals .(Agency research: Online Quantitative analysis) 4- USD 188,853 earned PR exposure; conversations on TV and newspapers among Jordanians, opinion leaders and journalists. (PR value reports) 5- 27,205 YouTube views for 1 comedy segment in 1 month, a total of 6,851 YouTube views for the other comedy segments

Creative Execution

The campaign consisted of three phases. All of them were consumer centric, offline executions directed consumers to the dialogues online (Facebook, twitter,YouTube). 1- Teaser. Tackled a sensitive issue; taxes, and opened a dialogue about the highest tax Jordanians will be paying in the future. The teaser simply read: “ What is the highest tax that you will pay in the future?”. The question was seen in newspapers, OOH, and on social media platforms. 2- Revealer called Baladi, enlightened consumers to the dangers the economy would face if they do not support local products. It showed the people they hold the power of change. 3- Educational. Showed hints of Jordanian products highlighting their quality. It included facts about the benefits on the economy. We planted seeds of conversations and people took it from there. Journalists wrote about the topic, people interacted on social media,stand up comedians created segments.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Objectives: - Increase awareness on Jordanian products - Increases consumer confidence in Jordanian products - Influence local spending and increase sales Insight: Jordanians are strained and they didn't know they could contribute to a better economy. Jordanians are frustrated and might be perceived as passive but they turn into fighters when it comes to the wellbeing and the reputation of their country, so we thought we’d provoke them a little so they start reflecting and thinking and eventually create a debate online and offline. Strategy Create a debate among Jordanian consumers by seeding an awareness fueled campaign that educates locals on the significance of their purchasing power and its direct relation to improving the country’s economy.


Name Company Role
Mohammad Kamal Memac Ogilvy Advize Managing Director
Nimati Emam Memac Ogilvy Advize Planner
Shireen Nababteh Memac Ogilvy Advize Creative Director
Habib Rihana Memac Ogilvy Advize Deputy Md
Grace Asmar Memac Ogilvy Advize Pr Director