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CategoryAmbient Media: Small Scale
Advertising Agency MEMAC OGILVY & MATHER Manama, BAHRAIN

Results and Effectiveness

As a result of the campaign, Optica store at Bahrain Mall reached 120% of its sales target for the promotional period. The total revenue generated at Bahrain Mall was 6.5 times than the value that was spent on the campaign. Further the positive conversation and engagement on Facebook and Twitter the campaign generated definitely added to the brand equity.

Creative Execution

The media idea and the creative idea were completely entwined. To create the tiniest promotional channel in the Kingdom, a small 15mm black circular sticker was placed in numerous ambient locations in and around Bahrain Mall and also online. This sticker if seen, invited customers to take a picture of it and show it to staff in Optica for the chance to win a gift. The sticker was placed in places where customers would have a good chance of seeing it - washroom mirrors, escalator handrails, elevator floor selection panels, car door handles and wing mirrors. In all these places, despite its size, the dot had a good chance of being spotted. Its existence and the prize offer was communicated on social media. We also 'hid' dots on Optica's website and invited people to post images of them on Optica's Facebook page to provide further engagement and opportunities to win.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Business Objective: Position Optica as a brand that engages with the consumer in a caring and fun manner. Marketing Objective: Drive a new consumer base to the store and hit 100% of sales targets for the 4 week campaign period. Communication Challenge: With almost no budgets, how could we generate that incremental revenue? The communication objective was to get people to come to the store using a low cost viral idea that would drive excitement. Target Audience: Deal Hunters: We were looking at garnering the attention of people who are on the prowl for getting a good deal, any nationality. Insight: Our core insight was to tap into the human curiosity and animal like instinct to chase and find. Idea: SPOT THE DOT, the tiniest promotional piece done in Bahrain.


Name Company Role
Shyam Unni Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Planner
Gary Cahill Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Creative Director
Dan Shepherd-Smith Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Client Service Director
Saadique Waggie Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Associate Creative Director
Shyam Unni, Saadique Waggie Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Art Director
Shyam Unni, Maheen Meenai, Degal Pinto Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Copywriter
Gaurav Paul Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Account Director
Jaquilyn Cruz Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Account Manager
Siva Das Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Production Manager
Kevin Cardoza, Hannah Milan Memac Ogilvy Bahrain Digital Art Director
Christina Corporal Optica Sun Retail Supervisor