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EntrantJWT KUWAIT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
CategoryDigital Media (Including Internet, Mobile Devices, etc)
Entrant Company JWT KUWAIT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency JWT KUWAIT Kuwait City, KUWAIT

Results and Effectiveness

The website was launched at a crucial time when media coverage about the typhoon was starting to wane and the average person was starting to forget about the problem. The campaign is already starting to aid the Philippines. Over 400 families have been fed in the last month alone.

Creative Execution

The media team interpreted the creative idea as a kind of call to action. The message we developed for it said ‘If It Only Was This Easy”. The visuals used in our media featured a young girl sitting in wreckage of the aftermath of the storm and her image being digitally manipulated to be fixed. The campaign was executed online through a unique website. The site directed the audience to the campaign’s donation page. It told the story of the girl in an engaging visual manner unique to the platform. The website featured a special scrolling mechanism that allowed the audience to transform the girl’s life as they moved through the website and illustrated how wishful thinking wasn’t enough to help those affected by the storm.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our objective was to encourage our target audience of men and women of all age groups in the Middle East, a region that boasts a long standing tradition of charity and financial aid, to donate to WFP’s relief effort for the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Our unique insight was to communicate the need for real action as opposed to wishful thinking that wouldn’t help resolve the problems created by the typhoon. This message was relevant to both our target audience and our client in the same way, as the campaign went out during the crucial period between the ending of emergency services and the beginning of the rebuilding effort. This is the point when media coverage was waning and public interest needed to be generated in order to drive donations.


Name Company Role
Ramsey Naja Jwt Chief Creative Officer
Elias Haddad Jwt Creative Director
Anes Al Rayes JWT Creative Director
Mitul Shah Jwt Senior Art Director
Ossama Hakim Jwt Art Director
Nitin Fernandes Jwt Digital Art Director
Firas Alexander Jwt Copywriter
John Bautista Jwt Retoucher
Rizkallah Kharsa Jwt Senior Account Manager
Omnia Abdelhalim Jwt Account Executive
Nancy Fouad JWT Account Manager
Ismail Cherri Upfront Design Media And Development Manager