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The podcast features six inspiring episodes by James Jefferson, a fictional character, who found the pandemic to be a great opportunity to grow rich by posing as a banker, charity worker, vaccine supplier, CEO, and so on. While all other podcasts were trying to focus on money-saving tips, personal safety, and mental health, James Jefferson's podcast focussed only on growing one's wealth.

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Emirates NBD is the leading bank of the UAE and has been at the forefront of anti-phishing communication for the past few years.

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PODCAST SCRIPT DISCLAIMER BEFORE EACH EPISODE Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the greatest podcasts ever. You may believe that the main voice that you hear in this episode belongs to James Jefferson, but it may not, or it may. Because James thinks that his voice is too precious to be heard for free by everyone. He also rightly believes that someone might deepfake it and use it to steal money from his bank account. As you can see, James is not only rich, but also highly intelligent, and not at all paranoid. Up next, James Jefferson himself or maybe someone else. You will never know. EPISODE 1 JJ: Hello everyone. I am James Jefferson, globally renowned artist, bestselling author, and an overall great guy. Welcome to my podcast How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic where I will inspire you all with my wisdom and talk about the tricks that have helped me continue to amass wealth during these unprecedented times. Right Larry? Larry: Yeah…yeah…true. James Jefferson, everyone. Globally renowned artist, bestsell… JJ: I already covered that bit, Larry. Larry: Sorry, boss. JJ: Larry wants to become like me, guys…just like a lot of people in this world. He also dreams of becoming rich, which may or may not happen. But I prefer to let people fail on their own than warn them beforehand. Larry: Great thought. *claps* JJ: Yeah…thanks Larry. So, what does one need to do to grow rich during a pandemic like this one? The answer is lots of stuff. You can explore multiple career options like I did, avoid some qualities, and learn how to dodge the law. Once you get a hang of it, there is not a single person, institution, or moral compass in this world that can stop you from growing rich. Larry: I am so excited for you to begin. JJ: I’ve already begun, Larry. Please pay attention. In today’s episode I’m going to talk about illusion. Illusion is the foundation on which is based the journey of growing rich. Not hard work. Not dedication. Not degrees. Only illusion. Remember, the brain is the most powerful organ in the human body. If you can trick it, you can make it. Larry: Well said. Trick it, make it. Wow! JJ: A pandemic leaves a lot of people scared and confused. This scenario presents a golden opportunity to trick their worried brains. You will find out more about my amazing tricks as we go on. But before you embark on this exciting journey paved with wisdom and wealth, you will need to choose multiple career paths, discard a few qualities, and most importantly, learn how to avoid the long arm of the law. I am going to talk about each of these main points in a simple, detailed, easy-to-follow manner that will enable you to mint money in no time. Larry: Yessss!!!!! JJ: I have also mentioned the difficulty level of each career – BEGINNER, EASY, NORMAL, CHALLENGING, and HARD. Depending on whether you are an amateur or a veteran, you can choose your career field and difficulty level accordingly. May this podcast help you prosper during this pandemic and all the pandemics to come. Larry: Go James! Go James! Go James! JJ: Let’s start with the first career option that I tried. BANKER. On the difficulty scale I’ll call it an EASY career field. A level up from Beginner. Anyway, a career in banking is truly rewarding. It is so rewarding that you only need to pretend to be a banker to start earning the big bucks. Just write and talk like one. Here’s how to do it. THE ALMOST REAL EMAIL ID People are more likely to share their bank account details if they think their banker is the one asking for them. Simply replace a single letter in the official Email ID of the bank with a similar letter in the fake Email ID you create. For example, replace the ‘m’ with ‘rn’. People do not notice this slight change in the Email ID and share their personal account details thinking they are sharing it with their banker. A simple but effective trick that has worked innumerable times for me. THE ATM CARD SUSPENSION Panic is a wonderful feeling. Especially, when it makes people give up their bank account details. Just text bank customers that their ATM Card might get blocked any time if they don’t update their details at the earliest. They panic! They click on the link or call the number you mention in your text and share their account details instantly. Easy! Try to send these texts during working hours on weekdays, so that people don’t have much time to double-check the authenticity of the text. Larry: Genius! Pure genius! JJ: Thanks, Larry. Another trick you can try as a banker is to call people up and talk about the database update due to Covid-19. People will believe anything if you add Covid-19 somewhere in your sentence. Convince them that the bank is updating its database due to Covid-19 because the old one was lost at the start of the pandemic. List down their account details and enjoy withdrawing their hard-earned money. Larry: Brilliant! I’m going to start posing as a banker right away. You are so inspiring James. JJ: The name is Jefferson. James Jefferson. And I will see you all on the next episode of How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic. *End with same music as the opening* EPISODE 2 JJ: Hello everyone. I am James Jefferson, globally renowned artist, bestselling author, and an overall great guy. Welcome to Episode 2 of my podcast How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic where I will inspire you all with my wisdom and talk about the tricks that have helped me continue to amass wealth during these unprecedented times. Larry: Episode 1 was so good, James. Cannot wait for you to share your pearls of wealth and wisdom with everyone today. JJ: Sure, Larry. Hope posing as a Banker was rewarding for you. Larry: It was! I tricked all these people into sharing their bank account numbers and passwords, but then I realised that I hadn’t opened my own bank account to transfer all their money into. It will open this week, so yeah…let’s hope it works this time. JJ: Wow, Larry! Hope your absent-mindedness isn’t infectious. Larry: No, it’s not. I always wear a mask. JJ: Oh…kay! Anyway, let’s continue with the many different career options you can explore to grow rich during the pandemic. After Banker, it’s Charity Worker. This career field is challenging but financially more rewarding than some of the other career fields. As you know, charity work is good for the soul. And, more importantly, your bank balance. Thousands of people turn charitable during a pandemic. It is a great time to act like a charity worker. Just follow the tips below. ASK HELP FOR KIDS There is something about picturing a bunch of malnourished hungry kids in a poor nation whose parents are affected by Covid-19 that makes people loosen their purse strings immediately. Simply make your website, email and official phone number look as identical as possible to a genuine charity’s. Nobody pays attention to the tiny tweaks you make, and they go on to donate for the cause generously. Use words like ‘unprecedented times’, ‘no kid deserves this’, ‘blessings’, and more to lay an emotional trap that very few readers can escape. Don’t forget to download pictures of impoverished kids from the internet and add them to your website and emails as genuine cases. Larry: I love kids. They are the best! JJ: Or you could play a person in need. Sometimes even the most sensitive of human beings won’t be moved by a generic appeal for help. In such cases you will need to add a personal touch. Instead of asking for donations for the treatment of Covid-19 patients, become one. Send a personalized email addressing the recipient by name. In the opening lines, clearly mention that you hope they are healthy and safe. Nothing makes a person feel more guilty than being alive when everyone around them is dropping dead. You can also mention that you are stranded in another country and don’t have the money to pay for the expensive Covid-19 treatments. Pepper your email with words like ‘helpless’, ‘desperately’, and URGENT. It is sure to melt the heart of the reader who will most likely transfer you more money than you asked for. Request the reader to keep your email exchange a secret as you don’t wish your predicament to become common knowledge. They are sure to grant your request and sleep peacefully knowing that they have most probably saved your life with their generous donation. Larry: Mind. Blown. JJ: Hehe. Thanks, Larry. By the way, posing as an Airline Executive has also become an immensely attractive financial option these days. I’ve set its difficulty level at NORMAL. You see, flying home to meet one’s loved ones during a pandemic can be an exciting and emotional experience for people, and a financially rewarding one for you when their flight gets cancelled. Heartbroken and anxious, the only consolation for such travelers is to get their flight ticket money back. This is when you step in and send them emails and texts asking them to click on a link to get their flight refund in the next 24 hours. Always create a sense of urgency in your communication. It makes the other person react impulsively rather than cautiously. Always use an established airline’s name in the subject line or headline of your communication to lend authenticity to your emails and texts. Once you choose this career field, sky is literally the limit. Larry: HAPPY JOURNEY. LOL! JJ: Good one, Larry. Finally! Another career option is to pose as an Immigration Officer. Most people want their jobs to be safe, their homes to be secure, and their existence to be bland. Imagine their horror when they receive a call that threatens to uproot this very existence. In fact, you can make this call yourself as an upright Immigration Officer and hear their voices quiver; their heartbeats stop, and their dreams shatter. Use a firm to stern tone on the call and tell the clueless people on other end that they haven’t updated their visas or residency status yet, which was supposed to be done the previous month due to the pandemic. Add terms like compulsory, emergency, and strict action to bolster your call. Suddenly slip into a mild tone and tell them that you are willing to update their details in the official database if they can provide you with their personal and bank details instantly. Engulfed by fear, they will. Once you have access to all their details, you know what to do next. Larry: Your name should be Genius Jefferson, James. What a trick! There’s no chance of anyone being left jobless ever. So many career options to choose from. You’ve eradicated unemployment in a way. Wow! JJ: You’re on a roll today. Hehe. With that we have come to the end of episode 2, ladies and gentlemen. Remember, the name is Jefferson. James Jefferson. And I will see you all on the next episode of How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic. *End with same music as the opening* EPISODE 3 JJ: Hello everyone. I am James Jefferson, globally renowned artist, bestselling author, and an overall great guy. Welcome to Episode 3 of my podcast How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic where I will inspire you all with my wisdom and talk about the tricks that have helped me continue to amass wealth during these unprecedented times. Larry: And I’m Larry, everyone. Hello. JJ: Have you ever won a lottery, Larry? Larry: No, no…never bought a ticket. Should I? JJ: If you want to, but I was asking because the next career option is that of a Lottery Operator with the difficulty level - NORMAL. Two things can make a person do the unimaginable: fear and greed. This career field thrives on the latter. Everybody wants easy money, even the ones who work hard for it. So, when they receive a call that says they have won a million or half a million dollars in lottery, their joy knows no bounds. When you make such a call, try and sound super excited. Make them feel like you are sharing their happiness, so that later they willingly share their bank details with you. Larry: That’ great! That’s great! I’m excited. JJ: Sometimes people might be unwilling to believe that they have won a lottery. Call them back a few days later and double the supposed lottery amount. Use the names of established telecom companies or TV channels to convince them. Keep increasing the lottery amount till some of them are ready to give up their bank details. After all, everybody has a price. Larry: Boom! James Jefferson in the house, everyone! JJ: Hehe. Thanks, Larry. Did you ever dream of becoming a police officer? Larry: Me? No, my only dream is to become like you, James. I look up to you, I adore you, I love… JJ: That’s enough, Larry. We are on air. The next career option is Police Officer. Larry: Really? JJ: Yup! Pretending to be powerful can be incredibly empowering. If you say you’re a police officer even to someone’s face they would not dare to question your credentials. Now, imagine saying it on the phone. How thrilling! As a fake police officer you can ask for any kind of detail from people and most of them will share it with you. Personal details, passport number, bank account number, Email ID, password, birth certificate, school report card…the list is endless. One of my favourite tricks was to call or text random people as a police officer alerting them about fraudsters pretending to be police officers and persuade them to share their bank account details so that it can be secured from any fraudulent activity. To act like a real police officer, use a good voice modulation software to sound authoritative, choose from a mix of police ranks while you introduce yourself, and keep your tone firm. Your title will do the rest. Larry: I feel so powerful already. You’re amazing, James. JJ: You know what else can make you feel powerful these days? Vaccines. It’s good to be vaccinated. It’s great to act like a vaccine supplier. It is challenging, but everything new and exciting is, isn’t it? Larry: Yes, it is! New friends, new clothes, new shoes, new… JJ: Yeah…yeah. This pandemic has opened quite a few new business opportunities but none more profitable than the business of vaccines. During a raging pandemic a vaccine is a bit like true love – everyone looks for it but only a few find it. Acting as a vaccine supplier during such testing times is a terribly exciting opportunity one should not lose. A vaccine represents hope to millions during a pandemic. That’s millions of opportunities to add a couple of zeroes to your bank balance. But acting like a vaccine supplier is more challenging than it seems. Sending an email or text with a link to register for the vaccine is not enough if you are serious about pursuing this career. First you will need to create a fully functioning website that looks exactly like the official hospital or government website where people are required to register. Unless you are a good web developer yourself, you will need to hire one for this job. Remember, he must be excellent at his work and at keeping his mouth shut. Larry: Shut up and develop. That rhymes too. JJ: Not exactly, but whatever makes you happy. Anyway, once the website is up and running, start sending out emails and texts inviting people to get special access to the vaccine for a small fee. I guarantee you they will all pay. After all, everybody wants to live, no matter how much they hate their life. Let the registrations swell for a few weeks and once you reach your monetary target, shut down the website. Larry: I think this episode is going to break all records. JJ: Hope so. That was it from me, guys. Remember, the name is Jefferson. James Jefferson. And I will see you all on the next episode of How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic. *End with same music as the opening* EPISODE 4 JJ: Hello everyone. I am James Jefferson, globally renowned artist, bestselling author, and an overall great guy. Welcome to Episode 4 of my podcast How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic where I will inspire you all with my wisdom and talk about the tricks that have helped me continue to amass wealth during these unprecedented times. With me is Larry. Larry: Hey everyone. How’s it going? JJ: Did you try any of the career options we have discussed till now, Larry? Larry: Oh, I’ve tried quite a few. But not many people are falling for the tricks as they did previously. JJ: You sure you followed the steps exactly as I had mentioned? Larry: Yes! But this bank called Emirates NBD has been running some anti-phishing campaigns and now people know how to tackle communication from fake bankers, charities, and more. JJ: Really? Well, they cannot protect people forever. It’s time to diversify the career options, Larry. Let me tell you how to be a real estate agent. If there is anything worse than the coronavirus for real estate developers, it is the crashing rates of their properties. As cases rise during a pandemic, property rates drop. People make a beeline to buy their dream apartments and villas. Even during such dreadful times nobody wants to let go of a chance to own a few extra square meters of land. Trust me, death is no match for avarice. This is your chance to take advantage of the situation and enter the real estate market as a property dealer offering rates that no other dealer can match. Download brochures and related pictures from several property websites, mix them all up, create a new website and send out its link in emails and texts to prospective buyers. Tell them that it is not safe to meet in person and show them the property due to the pandemic, but you can surely arrange for them to visit the property once they pay the deposit. Larry: That’s a masterstroke! JJ: The rental market is also another promising area where you can hit the jackpot repeatedly. Upload ads on rental websites with pictures from legitimate apartment listings and quote rents that are much lower than the market price, obviously due to the pandemic. Create urgency by using terms like ‘limited time offer directly from owner’ and ask for a nominal booking deposit before you can show the apartment. Larry: Yeah, let’s see how Emirates NBD protects the people against that! JJ: I will show them who is the boss. Which brings me to the next career option – the CEO of a company. In the real world you can be the CEO of a single company but when you are pretending to be one you can head as many companies as you want. To succeed in this career, you will need to be good at research. Read all kinds of news that comes out of the corporate world. Which company is looking to expand operations, which ones are being sold, which ones are being merged, the names of the CEOs, the names of the CFOs, and so on. Visit the company’s website and look at the email template they are using. For example: firstname.lastname@companyname.com. Use the exact same template to draft your email in the CEO’s name and send it to a department or a person in charge of issuing payments. Larry: Research rocks! If your goal is to sleep, research is the bed you prepare during the day. JJ: Horrible analogy, but whatever. Apart from asking for the payment to be made urgently in your email, clearly mention that you are busy in a very important meeting and promise to call them back once you are done. Only a fool will question the CEO’s command or disturb him during a meeting. Once the payment is made to the account number you had mentioned in your email, block the sender’s email, create another CEO’s Email ID, and repeat the same steps. Another trick that only an expert like me can pull off is using deepfake to replicate a CEO’s voice and trick bank managers into releasing huge sums of money required for high profile acquisitions. It is one of the most advanced and most satisfying tricks I have ever pulled off in this illustrious profession. Larry: Voice modulation. That is so cool. Do you know I can mimic a parrot’s voice? Let me show you… JJ: Moving on to posing as a PET SELLER! Larry: Parrots are pets. JJ: Cats rule the Internet. Dogs come a close second. They make the virtual world a better place. And can do the same for your real one too. Financially, of course. Pet lovers have gentler hearts than the rest. This makes them the ideal target audience for your next trick. Download cute pictures of random pets from other legit websites, lower their price to make your offer attractive, and add a reason as to why you are willing to sell such an adorable pet in the first place. Say that you already have three more pets like this one at home, or that you are in a financial crunch…anything that is believable. Always ask for the money in advance under the pretext of pet vaccination fee, delivery arrangements for the pet, etc. A genuine pet lover won’t think too much about these advance payments and transfer you the amount in no time. This is when you upload another stolen pic of yet another pet and repeat the same modus operandi. Larry: Wow. I’m definitely trying and selling a parrot online. JJ: Good luck, Larry. That was it from me, guys. Remember, the name is Jefferson. James Jefferson. And I will see you all on the next episode of How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic. *End with same music as the opening* EPISODE 5 JJ: Hello everyone. I am James Jefferson, globally renowned artist, bestselling author, and an overall great guy. Welcome to Episode 5 of my podcast How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic where I will inspire you all with my wisdom and talk about the tricks that have helped me continue to amass wealth during these unprecedented times. Larry: Cannot wait for the precented times. Hahaha… JJ: Stop cracking old jokes, Larry. Today, we are going to talk about the last three career options that can make you mega rich during this pandemic. The first is posing as a recruiter. I have to say that the extended lockdown period at the start of the pandemic was one of the most enjoyable and profitable periods of my life. Thousands of people lost their jobs. They were sad, they were confused, but most importantly, they were online. To come across a job opportunity during such bleak times is no less than a miracle. Larry: True! My uncle was offered a job but when he applied for it he lost all his savings. Don’t know how. JJ: He would have replied to my post for sure. Anyway, as a recruiter you can create thousands of jobs in every field every single day. During a pandemic, doctors and nurses are in huge demand, so start with those two professions. Create social media posts using the names of well-known hospitals and invite applications from desperate candidates. Mention an attractive salary amount in your job posting so that a lot of people apply. Once you receive their job applications, respond to all of them that they have been selected and need to fill out a form before the next round of shortlists. In the form ask for their personal details including their bank account numbers (for the purpose of salary transfer, obviously). Larry: Salary transfer. Wink wink. JJ: Once you receive all the details of the candidates, send them all a congratulatory letter telling them that they have got the job. All they need to do is transfer a nominal amount to your bank account as postal fee for the offer letter to be mailed to them. Some of them will transfer this amount, some won’t, but since you will have all their personal and banking details, they will all eventually pay one way or another. Larry: Oh, so that’s how my uncle lost all his savings. JJ: Wink. Wink. Moving on, the next career option is Embassy Officer. Challenging but immensely profitable. If flights can get cancelled during a pandemic, they can also resume. Demand for tickets rises, hope blooms, and new opportunities to trick people are born. Because with relaxation of travel restrictions comes renewed confusion. Do I book tickets now or wait for a few days? Where do I apply to receive official permission before flying? Where do I upload my vaccination proof? Do I even need a vaccination proof? Larry: Great observation. I love how your minds works, JJ. JJ: Thanks Larry. As I was saying, all these questions can be answered clearly by one entity – a country’s embassy. But not everyone visits an embassy’s website to clarify their doubts. This is when you create a website that looks exactly like an official embassy’s and send out emails to people who wish to travel to pay a small fee and receive immediate permission to fly. I don’t need to tell you that hundreds will pay the fee in exchange for the permission to fly, which they will never receive. To succeed in this career, you need to be a visionary. Anticipate when the flights might resume and work hard on making your website look exactly like the embassy’s. When the right moment arrives, go live with your website, and send out emails simultaneously that link back to the page on the website where people need to pay. It’s hard work but immensely rewarding. Larry: No pain, no gain. JJ: Moving on to the next career field – gaming. There is nothing more that gamers love than a good, long, peaceful lockdown. Imagine sitting in dark rooms that are illuminated only by the flashing lights on the screen, shutting out the cacophony of family members with noise-cancelling headphones. The only contact gamers have is with other gamers. One of whom could be you. The only thing gamers love more than being left alone is in-game coins, skins, cheat codes, and more. Announce on a popular gaming platform that you, a fellow gamer, can offer all these to them at an attractive price. Gamers will flock to you like bees to honey. Ask them to transfer the amount to your account and vanish once you receive all their money. They might be gamers, but you will be the player. Larry: Game. Set. Match. I will try this trick on my cousins first. JJ: Good luck, Larry. I hope all of you will try at least three of the career options I talked about, because frankly being good at all of them isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Except mine. Larry: But you like coffee. JJ: That was the last episode about career options on How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic. On the next episode I will talk about all the qualities you must avoid. Remember, the name is Jefferson. James Jefferson. And I will see you all on the next episode of How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic. *End with same music as the opening* EPISODE 6 JJ: Hello everyone. I am James Jefferson, globally renowned artist, bestselling author, and an overall great guy. Welcome to Episode 6 of my podcast How to Grow Rich During the Pandemic where I will inspire you all with my wisdom and talk about the tricks that have helped me continue to amass wealth during these unprecedented times. Today we are going to be talking about the qualities that one must avoid to grow rich rapidly like me. Larry: Hello, I’m Larry. I think all good qualities are bad for growing rich, or at least some of them are anyway. JJ: The first quality to avoid is sympathy. If you are a sympathetic person, this podcast isn’t for you. In fact, this world isn’t for you. Qualities like sympathy sound great on paper but are hardly beneficial in the real world. If you care about the suffering of every person, how will you ever grow rich during a pandemic? Or take advantage of any disaster for that matter. If becoming rich is your goal, then sympathy is like the annoying goalkeeper standing in your way. Larry: Great football analogy there, James. Brilliant. Loved it! JJ: The next quality to avoid is kindness. It is the most useless characteristic a human could ever possess. Nobody has ever received a trophy for being kind. Have you ever heard of The Most Kindhearted Person of the Month? Or seen someone being celebrated for having a keen sense of kindness? That is proof enough of the pointlessness of this rubbish quality. Larry: As they say, be blind to kind. Haha…by they, I mean me. JJ: Yeah, sure. Let’s talk about honesty now. Honesty is the worst policy, honestly. It is a conspiracy by those who are too lazy to find out the truth on their own. Hence, they just want everyone to be honest straightaway. Anyway, nobody is 100% honest in this world. So, it doesn’t matter how much percentage of honesty you have in you. Whether it’s 1% or 99%, you are still not purely honest. You might as well focus on being rich than being honest. Larry: Well said. Same goes for loyalty. JJ: Exactly! Hahahaha Larry: It should be LOL-alty…hahahaha JJ: That was so bad it was good. The next quality to avoid is regret. Hahahaha, I cannot believe I’ve to talk about this. Larry: Hahahaha JJ: Okay enough. Politeness is pretty useless too. Politeness is for the weak. Are bosses polite? Are police officers polite? Are wives polite? No. Only interns are polite. If politeness guaranteed success and wealth, it would have been the top subject in all MBA schools. Magazines would publish lists of the top 10 politest people on the planet. News channels would chase people for an exclusive polite byte. School kids would write essays saying, ‘when I grow up, I want to be polite.’ The truth is when you are rich, it doesn’t matter what else you are. Larry: Let me jot down that last line. So good. JJ: The next quality to avoid is generosity. Generosity is great. In other people. Especially, when they are donating for a charity that you are running from your room. Never try to be generous with your time, feelings, or money. Generosity is like a broken boomerang. It never comes back to you. Larry: Or a kite. JJ: Yet another quality to avoid is humility. Haha! Mankind has progressed so much only because of its arrogance. People were arrogant enough to think they can fly, hence we got airplanes. Someone was arrogant enough to say I won’t walk barefoot, so we got sneakerheads. Another person was arrogant enough to dream that billions would love to watch men run in shorts, so we got football. If our ancestors were humble, you wouldn’t be reading this book, but instead getting ready to hunt down a rabbit to feed your starving family waiting inside a cave. Larry: So true James, so true. Today’s episode is going to be one the greatest in the history of podcasts. Amazing. JJ: Thanks Larry. The last quality to avoid is trust. Here’s a short announcement for you regarding trust. DISCLAIMER 2: There is no Larry, ladies and gentlemen. All the voices you heard in this podcast were done by James Jefferson or some guy pretending to be James Jefferson or a robot using a voice modulation software. In fact, even my voice may or may not belong to me. Whosoever I am. In short, don’t trust anyone or anything. Except the genius of James Jefferson…who may or may not speaking right now. *End with same music as the opening*

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It was a real podcast done by a fictional character who is actually a fraudster. While most podcasts during the pandemic were trying to focus on money-saving tips, personal safety, and mental health, James Jefferson's podcast focussed only on growing one's wealth.


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