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Product/ServiceLAMAR MILK
EntrantKAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryDigital & Mobile Games
Idea Creation KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
Production KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
Post Production GEMINI STUDIO Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

We turned a promotion whose mechanics are somewhat complicated, into a fun and engaging game. We then brought the game to life in an animated song.


For every Milk cap you exchange you will receive a pack of Lamar nectar juice. Exchange two caps, and get a flavored milk pack or a 100 % natural juice. If you have three caps you can win three nectar juice packs, or one nectar juice pack and one flavored milk, or maybe one 100% natural juice and one nectar juice. Basically, the more caps, the more possibilities and options. With such a confusing offer, we had to come up with a smart way to make explaining it both engaging and entertaining.

Describe the creative idea

Instead of focusing on the mechanics of the promotion, we told the story of Youssef, the young boy eager to win a pack of mango juice, but must be patient and wait until the milk carton is empty. We created a simple web game: Help Youssef pour milk for his eagerly awaiting family members before they get angry. Your goal is to empty as many milk cartons as possible to win the flavored milk or juice. We didn’t stop there. We brought the game to life in an animated song telling the story of Youssef.

Describe the strategy

We had to appeal to the young, the main consumer of flavored milks and juices. With a promotion whose mechanics are complicated, we wanted to reach them on relevant touch-points and in a manner that gets them to understand, care, and engage with the promotion. There was no better medium to do so than gaming. A simple, but fun and entertaining game, the purpose of which is to empty the milk cartons and collect as many caps as possible was the perfect way to get young consumers to care and engage with the promotion.

Describe the execution

Your goal is to empty as many milk cartons as possible, as quickly as possible. As Youssef’s family members eagerly await their milk, your have to fill up their glasses before they get angry and their faces turn red. But in the process you face obstacles like sandals on the floor, the living room couch, a joystick or some toilet paper roll. Users need to maneuver Youssef quickly around these obstacles, and pour as much milk as possible to win as many prizes as possible. At the end of the game you will learn the number of juice and flavored milk packs you won that amount to the number of milk cartons you finished. As more and more people engaged with the game we decided to bring the game to life. We created an animated song telling the story of Youssef and his quest for the empty milk carton.

Describe the outcome

People loved it! 12,302 In-Game milk cartons emptied Over 130K Juice and flavored milk packs redeemed More than 16M views on social media with total engagement of over 8M But most importantly, growth in sales by 15%


Name Company Role
Hesham Ellabban KAIRO Writing, Creative Direction
Mohamed Bary KAIRO Writing, Creative Direction
Reem Ahmed KAIRO Graphic design and illustration
Mahmoud Dogheim KAIRO Strategic Planning
Sameeh Selim KAIRO Strategic Planning
Nadine Maged KAIRO Account management and strategy
Ahmed Adel KAIRO Game Development
Ammar Abo Shady Freelancer Executive Producer
Amir Hedaya Freelancer Music Composition
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