2022 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantFP7 McCANN Cairo, EGYPT
CategorySocial Video
Idea Creation FP7 McCANN Cairo, EGYPT


McDonald’s has always had a uniquely solid presence and an unmatched spot in Egyptians’ hearts and minds. Would be an unlikely sight if a group of Egyptians were contemplating what to order in, and McDonald’s name doesn’t come up as highly recommended. McCafé however, unfairly wasn’t enjoying the same popularity that it truly deserved despite its high-quality, affordable coffee and wide reach in Egypt. Instead, coffee for Egyptians meant other tycoon names that have been dominating the coffee scene for over a decade. In 2021, McCafé believed it was about time to change that; aiming to own its place in the hearts and minds of Egyptian coffee-lovers, and to double McCafé’s in-store traffic in just one month! We believed that since we had the right offering, all we needed was to crack the right insight and communication, to win with Egyptian coffee-lovers.

Describe the strategy

We looked at the coffee category in Egypt and realized that it has become overly complicated. Long gone are the days where grabbing coffee was a grab-and-go experience. Instead, it’s become a trigger to a never-ending list of questions and a series of decisions the customer needs to make. And for our young coffee-lovers who were simply looking for a good cup of coffee, no conversation, no headache to get their heads alert, the truth is “they actually needed to be alert to grab their coffee”. So, aiming to trigger interest and spark a conversation, we decided to utilize McCafé’s edge to our benefit, as well as our customers’, by highlighting how we offered them a great-tasting cup of coffee that was simple. Exactly what they needed. Coffee that gets their head alert, without giving them a headache!

Describe the execution

We created a campaign that showcases the tragic experience Egyptians face when they meet their barista in the morning, and how instead of getting their cup of coffee smoothly they fall into a never-ending loop of questions. Throughout the copy, we did some exaggeration and extended this experience to the opposite of a grab and go – more of a grab and never leave you stay with you the whole day kind of experience. Where the barista morning experience literally haunts the customer with his endless stream of questions the whole day. We dramatized the coffee shop culture situation in Egypt; and proved that quality coffee doesn’t have to cost you your energy or your peace of mind throughout a series of situations inclusive of relevant questions that Egyptians hear over and over again every single day.

List the results

Because of its relevance, the campaign struck a chord with Egyptians; achieving almost triple its planned video views (at 17M views vs. 6M views) and double planned impressions (at 134M vs. 70M impressions) on FB, Instagram & YouTube in December 2021 as well as a massive 93% VTR on TikTok. We wished for double the traffic, and instead got a 382% increase in just one month! Coffee sales grew by 199% vs. the previous month and app downloads grew by 177%.


Name Company Role
Mostafa Sherif FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Creative Director
Omar Dawood FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Copywriter
Ragy Baqy FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Copywriter
Mahmoud Tag FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Art Director
Dalia Hosny FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Account Manager
Jessica Tinawi FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Account Manager
Yara Amer FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Account Executive
Dina El Dessouky FP7 McCANN CAIRO Head of strategy
Salma El Refaei FP7 McCANN CAIRO Associate Strategy Director
Salma Ezz FP7 McCANN CAIRO Senior Strategist
Amr El Kalaawy FP7 McCANN CAIRO Managing Director
Sondos Effat FP7 McCANN CAIRO General Manager
Sherif Ghaith FP7 McCANN CAIRO Director
Reem Mohamed FP7 McCANN CAIRO Production Assistant
Mohamed Fathi NA Director
Victor Credi NA DOP
Begad Omran BIGFOOT FILMS Executive Producer
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Designer
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