2022 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryNot-for-profit / Charity / Government

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Persuading a pizza shop to create a bespoke three-quarter pizza in order to raise awareness of food waste was no mean feat. In doing so it represented a brand building shift towards bigger societal issues. It also landed a very tangible customer experience where they were delivered the special pizza, and the food waste problem was literally placed in their hands before them.


The Three-Quarter Pizza Box is a collaboration between Red Crescent and Pizza2Go to help reduce the food wasted during Ramadan, a massive contributor during the Holy Month with over 25% of all food going to waste. Our objective was to raise awareness and get customers to actively reduce their own food waste.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created a special edition pizza to promote the issue of food waste. We removed the 25% of the pizza (a one quarter sized slice) that would normally go to waste, and along with the help of a beautifully elegant packaging design idea delivered people a three-quarter sized (and shaped) pizza, to get the message out there. In addition to reducing food waste the Three-Quarter Pizza Box also donated 25% of its price to those in need through Red Crescent, helping the community to celebrate the true spirit of Ramadan.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We wanted to demonstrate to consumers exactly how much food is wasted during Ramadan. We took the pizza format so we could turn it into a very tangible pie chart where we removed an exactly one-quarter sized slice to represent to 25% of food that is wasted. We targeted fast food consumers as this sector has a particularly high propensity to food waste.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We redesigned the pizza by taking a 25% slice out of the pizza, then turned the standard pizza box format on its head by designing a new three-quarter shaped box to promote the idea/message. Coupled with an arresting piece of typographic design, this really captured people’s attention and raised awareness of the issue. We ran the campaign throughout Ramadan where food waste is highest (12/04-12/05 2021), and included the new pizzas and accompanying boxes as a special edition product available at the pizza shop during Ramadan.

List the results (30% of vote)

The results were very impressive, especially considering our modest budget of USD $780 for printing costs (and pro bono agency time). It garnered a lot of attention in the press with major news publications such as Arab News and Gulf News picking it up, increasing our earned media coverage to USD $470,000 with a total reach of 8.3m people in the UAE alone. It was equally successful on social media, especially Instagram, where dozens of influencers with a combined following of over 2m picked up on this campaign, promoting it completely for free and increasing sales by 370% compared to Pizza2Go’s sales figures in the previous year. It’s a campaign that achieved a lot with very little, tackling food wastage while also helping those in need with the help of charitable donations.


Name Company Role
Paul Banham MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Executive Creative Director
James Egan MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Art Director
Vik Kanyo MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Copywriter
Prerna Mehra MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Creative Director & Head of Design
Adila Fataliyeva MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Designer
Bianca Geater MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Designer
Aaliya Bekova MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Photographer
Mounir Mohammed Mohammed MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Head of Creative Services
Martina Niranjani MullenLowe MENA FZ LLC Producer