2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceLIV. BANK
CategoryCustomer Acquisition & Retention

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Liv. Bank was in its 3rd year of activity, quickly becoming the fastest growing bank in the UAE. Already much talked about due to its unconventional way of approaching banking in a relatively uninspired category, Liv. wanted to find a way to boost its customer base, get its customers to save more money, spend more, use the app more often and do it in a way that got the whole UAE talking! And so, Liv. decided to give away an island. Yep, an island. With a prize as crazy as this, our activation also needed to be just as crazY!


In early 2019, Liv. had reached a milestone– 200,000 customers in the UAE in less than 3 years. Having already given away a Tesla the previous year, we needed an activation idea that would surpass what we had done so far, and get the whole UAE talking about it. Our objectives were to: - Attract a batch of new customers – 100,000 new customers by end of 2019 - Get the ones we already had to spend more and save more – by 2x each - Establish a habit for more people to login to the app on a daily basis – 10% more logins each month We also had to do it on a budget: only around $300,000 (including the prize money) for a 6-month campaign. That averaged out to $50,000 a month only. Not much when you’re trying to be the talk of the town!

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We did the unbelievable on the most unbelievable day of the year. On April 1 2019, we announced that we were giving away an island. Most people didn’t believe us, for obvious reasons. But it was true. How could one of our customers get the chance to become the new owner of an island, AND AED 100,000? Simple: we brought back livions, Liv.’s loyalty points that could be collected when users saved, spent, or interacted with the app. The more livions they collected, the more chances they had to enter the draw to become one of the 20 finalists who could win the island. At the end of the 6 month campaign, one winner became the new owner of their very own island, and Liv. Bank exceeded each and every expectation.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We announced that we were giving an island away on April 1st, but how would we keep the conversation going for 6 months, until the island winner was announced? We not only generated a lot of island-themed content on our social media pages, but we also got 20 influencers on board to do the same, by building awareness about our campaign and about Liv. in general. Liv. being a digital bank, most of our focus was on our social media platforms, however we supported the launch with some highly targeted executions on bridges, radio, owned media such as Emirates NBD ATMs and windows, and by partnering with specific publications.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We announced our Island giveaway on April 1st on social media, and got RJ's talking about our prank. We then encouraged customers to start collecting Livions via several pieces of communication on social media under the “Who wants to be a Livionaire” banner. We capitalized on events and occasions, such as Ramadan, Eid and Summer travels to further encourage the use of the app and the card. We leveraged influencers who were sent inflatable boats to announce the island giveaway on their pages and keep reminding people of the draw. Bridge banners, radio spots, and ATM and window branding at Emirates NBD branches were also part of our mix. 20 finalists were selected by way of a draw which saw them battle it out in a game of dice. No one was left out as our other customers also got to play a digital game to win instant prizes.

List the results (30% of vote)

The results of our campaign surpassed all expectations! In 6 months, we got 100,000 new customers, doubling our initial objective of 100,000 customers by end of 2019. We also got Liv. customers to quadruple their debit card usage and spends (we had planned on doubling that number), and lastly, we increased app logins by 30% per month – versus our planned 10% increase. And in terms of buzz generated? The PR coverage alone was worth 2 million dollars! Plus we managed to generate 2 million engagements on social, 6 times higher than Mashreq Neo, our closest competitor, and 18 times higher than Payit. An April Fool’s joke that went way further than anyone’s expectations…


Name Company Role
Buraq Basam Netizency Social Media Executive
Ali Faheem Netizency Multimedia Designer
Tamara Habib Netizency Business Director
Mher Krikorian Netizency Head of Content
Elise Maalouf Netizency Multimedia Designer
Saheer Muhammad Netizency GRAPHIC DESIGNER
Walid Sanjad Netizency SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER
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