2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceBLEEMS CSR
CategoryCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Idea Creation MASSIVE CONTENT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Media Placement MASSIVE CONTENT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Media Placement 2 MASSIVE CHANGE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Production MASSIVE CONTENT Kuwait City, KUWAIT

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The campaign worked on adding a new dimension to Bleems' identity by sending out a strong emotional message and a call to action that is strongly driven by CSR. On Mother's Day, the most important sales day for the flower delivery app, the campaign encouraged customers to take part in positive change to make roads safer and save lives. This was achieved through online video content and an activation that invited mothers to actively participate and remind their children to drive safe in an emotional and memorable way.


Bleems, a flower delivery app, wanted to send out a different message on Mother's Day to stand out in the clutter, as it is the most important day for the brand throughout the year. Market activity surges on Mother's Day and Bleems could not afford to go unnoticed. There was also a lot of room for market acquisition as Bleems is a young brand and has not fulfilled its potential in terms of market reach. A big sector in the market had no heard of the app beforehand and it was important to turn heads towards Bleems in the midst of all the big brands shouting for attention on that day.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

To stand out, we though of going against the grain. Everyone expected us to push for a hard sell message, but instead we decided to catch everyone off-guard by focusing a social issue that would relate to a large portion of the target audience. We decided to shed light on the most valuable thing for a mother; her children. On this special day, we wanted to remind our customers that the most valuable gift they could get for their mothers is not flowers. The most valuable gift is them coming back home safely. The message would cut sharply through all the clutter generated by other brands pushing hard sell messages on the same day.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To deliver the intended effect, we decided to address both mothers and Kuwaiti youth. But we did not want to deliver just another emotional ad that would soon be forgotten. We needed a shock factor that would increase campaign recall. And what better way than enlist the help of real mothers who had suffered from losing a child to road accidents? This had to be followed up by an activation that would engage our target audience in the initiative and ensure that the campaign would have a lasting effect.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We divided the campaign into 3 phases: Phase 1 - Shock: We rolled out a emotional ad on Youtube and Instagram with a shocking twist at the end to send the message that reckless driving has caused mothers to lose their most valuable gift: their children. This took everyone by surprise before Mother's Day as it was a big change from all the joyful and sales driven advertising they were used to for this occasion. Phase 2 - Reality Check: 3 days later, we rolled out on Youtube and Instagram 2 interviews that we made with actual mothers who lost their children to road accidents. The videos drove the message home. Phse 3 - Activation: During the last week, we asked mothers to place a flower on the cars of their children, along with a not asking them to drive home safe.

List the results (30% of vote)

The videos quickly went viral, spilling over into the GCC and generating: 7 million reach 15 million impressions 200-500% increase in engagement on influencer’s accounts. 30% of youth remembered the campaign without assistance while 49% recalled the campaign upon prompt. Local and regional celebrities and even government entities participated and started pledging to drive safer themselves. Some people even went as far as searching for the interviewed mothers' emails just to send them a personal email showing support. Bleems became the top trending app on Apple Store in Kuwait for the first time.


Name Company Role
Abdulmohsen Alhashem Massive Content Creative Director/Copywriter
Saud Alrakhayes Massive Change Strategy
Mohammed Alsaeed Massive Content Agency Producer
Morooj Aljasem Massive Content Content Manager
Mahmoud Tomoum Massive Content Cameraman
Thodoris Zacharakis Massive Content DOP Lighting Cameraman
Abdulmohsen Alhashem Massive Content Director
Zeina Albader Freelancer Associate Producer
Ahmed El Sherbiny Lzrd Editor
Ahmed Alayoub Massive Content Producer
Ahmed Shuaib Freelancer Production Manager
Nasser Sayer Massive Content VFX Artist