2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Toothpaste is a highly competitive category in which consumer stickiness with existing brands is very high (inertia to switch brands). In addition, there is pressure on category (10% decline) which led brands to increase media spends (+8%) and increase consumer promotions. In such a scenario, it is vital for any brand to break the clutter both in-store and on TV+Digital to generate consumer pull to drive off-takes. Accordingly, Dabur launched the Strong Teeth Strong Ambitions campaign with disruptive visibility (space experience), space contest on packs, exposure via social media influencers, Print advertorials, School Activation and PR.


Toothpaste is a high inertia category whereby brand switching behavior is abysmal. To drive switching from current brands requires a purpose driven communication rather than functional communication. Moreover there was very high consumer promotion intensity from market leaders. Brief was to create a thematic and topical 360 degree campaign to appeal across demographics (Ethnicity and Age) and instead of positioning ourselves only on the functional platform, we took an elevated position of Strong Teeth Strong Ambitions. Accordingly, we leveraged trending topic of Man’s 50 years of landing on Moon and the UAE Space program in-line with our Communication. Objective 1 – To grow tertiary sales (off-takes) by 10% - We Achieved 17% and 14% in UAE & KSA respectively (AC Nielsen MAT SO 2019) Objective 2 – To achieve 50 bps Market Share gain in one year – We Achieved 200 and 60 BPS Market share in UAE and KSA

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

As a purpose driven brand which encourages youngsters to achieve their ambitions, the #StrongTeethStrongAmbitions campaign was launched. The campaign celebrated human spirit for space exploration and coincided with the 50th year of Man landing on Moon and the UAE’s pioneering space program. Since, Space represents the final frontier and epitomizes ambition for mankind, the campaign was an effort to bring younger generation closer to space related endeavours and achieve their ambitions. The underlying creative ideas was - Whether it is your ambition or your teeth, both should be strong. We believe inner strength is what drives people to achieve their ambition and is a culmination of a healthy mind and body in which good dental hygiene plays an important role. Dabur took a conscious strategic call to take the higher ground of achieving ambitions considering it was extremely difficult to outspend competition and focused on a highly clutter breaking idea.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Our primary TG is Arab and Asian mothers in the 25-40 years age group and secondary TG is kids in the age of 7-12. Today’s consumer wants to be an enabler for her children to achieve their ambitions. To achieve ambitions you need inner strength which is culmination of a good healthy mind and body in which dental hygiene plays a critical role. Year 2019 was not just the 50th anniversary of Moon Landing, but also marked the UAE’s pioneering space mission with UAE’s first astronaut going to space. This was a great motivation for youngsters in the region to explore subjects such as space and astronomy. The campaign was Dabur’s contribution to bring youngsters closer to their space dreams. Our approach was to drive awareness in our TG and seed the idea of how strong teeth are related to strong ambitions and that Dabur Toothpaste is beyond just strong

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

The 360 dregree campaign was implemented across consumer touchpoints. As a part of the campaign, consumers enjoyed space like experience at Hypermarkets in Mall of Emirates, Deira City Centre and Lulu Barsha where a mega model spaceship was created that provided a glimpse of being an astronaut. Innovative on-pack promotion contest whereby winners got a chance to win a trip to Space Center, Florida, supported by engaging posts to encourage participation. High impact Pan Arab TV campaign driven by effective media planning (SOV at 4.8% and SOE of only 0.5%). 5-sec tag promoted on Youtube as bumper ad – Delivering all time low CPM of USD1 (Global avg USD 3). Leading influencers further boosted digital presence. SEM - Google Ads to drive traffic to Microsite. PR activated in leading publications such as Khaleej Times and Gulf News Campaign was further powered across schools in the UAE. Timeline (Sep-2019 to Jan-2020).

List the results (30% of vote)

Business impact of this campaign was MASSIVE. Sales surged by 70% in KSA which is the biggest market for toothpaste in the region. UAE registered 51% growth. Clear increase in consumer preference for Dabur - reflected in market share (AC Nielsen) In UAE, category declined by 10% while Dabur grew by 17% and Market share increased from 6.6% to 8.6% in MAT SO’19. The gains were more pronounced during the promotion period where by touched PEAK MARKETSHARE OF 12% - Highest Ever (EXIT SO’19) In KSA, category grew by 1% while Dabur grew by 14% and Market share increased from 4.5% to 5.1% in MAT SO’19. The gains were relatively higher at 5.4% (EXIT SO’19) The campaign resonated extremely well within the TG delivering more than 15 MILLION Impressions on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Influencer contributed additional reach of 500,000 We achieved 127% of our targeted participation.


Name Company Role
Dhruv Sharma Dabur International Campaign Manager
Amit Patel Dabur International Artwork Creation, Social Media Management, Digital Asset Creation and Campaign operations
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