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Product/ServiceBAKEROLZ & STIX
CategoryLocal Brand
Idea Creation 2 ICON CREATIONS Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We believe this campaign took a local insight and built an experience around it that educated the Egyptians about what their country as to offer. We utilized many touch points to achieve this and the campaign met its objectives.


Initially, the idea was fairly simple, hammering on their brand promise – The guilt free go to healthy snack - , BakeRolz & Stix were the main sponsor for an event that was hosted by Cairo Runners. This was an excellent tactical opportunity for them to raise awareness on BakeRolz & Stix being a healthy snack. Taking place in a prime location where most people pass by during their day, the run was sure to be witnessed by a large number of people so brand exposure for BakeRolz & Stix would be achieved. To their surprise, they found out that many people were not aware of their own country's beautiful Downtown Cairo’s rich history.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

BakeRolz & Stix own the “Good Greed” platform. Their positioning statement stems from the idea that good greed is what gets you to where you want to be and drives the ambition to always thrive for more. Utilizing this greed to harvest your maximum potential for greatness is what BakeRolz & Stix stands for. The brand positioning statement is: “كلنا فينا حتة طمع” “We all have greed.” Building on this, we wanted to harvest this good greed into a will to know and learn about the historical beauty of Cairo. This paved the way for our campaign slogan: “كنز الطمع” “The beauty of greed” The beauty of greed combines two elements: The positive connotation associated with being greedy for more, the greed that drives us to thrive, to acquire, to exceed and reach our ultimate potential. The beauty of knowledge, of understanding your heritage, your roots, your history.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To begin with, our strategic approach had the following objectives: Increase awareness about Downtown Cairo. Educate Egyptians about the story that each street has to tell. With these objectives in mind, our strategy was implemented through the collaboration of BakeRolz & Stix with Cairo Runners – Cairo’s first running troupes. They embrace the importance of a healthier, happier Cairo. They believe in changing Cairo one step at a time – where they decided to shed light on the wonders, values and beautiful history that was rooted within Downtown Cairo. BakeRolz & Stix wanted to take advantage of their brand positioning as well as their brand offering “The guilt-free, go-to healthy snack” along with the lack of historical knowledge that the new generation faced. And thus the strategy was born.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

A series of posts and videos that were posted on BakeRolz & Stix’s social media platforms. These featured amusing content with info & facts about the Downtown area that the new generation was not aware of. Suddenly, people started to engage. They were intrigued and curious to find out more so BakeRolz & Stix thought “why not take it to the streets and test people’s knowledge? They collaboratied with Cairo Runners, set up a booth/stand in Downtown Cairo where they used this curiosity to educate people on a larger scale. The stand featured large interactive digital screens that featured a test with questions related to the history of Downtown Cairo. For the people that couldn’t get all the answers on this test, there was a tour guide that would take them around Downtown enlightening them and telling them the beautiful stories of Downtown Streets.

List the results (30% of vote)

FACEBOOK For the reporting period from March to the end of April 2019, The page activity generated 16M+ impressions and engaged 308K+ users. Overall, this month attained a reach of 13M+, mostly resulting from paid activity on Facebook (around 99%) The content achieved an engagement total of 1.8M+ from the Facebook campaigns, with 276% as a result of paid activity. Videos received 89% of the total engagement while the rest goes to Photos with 11%. INSTAGRAM Overall, the profile achieved an engagement total of 960K+ on 27 Posts. Generally, Awareness was risen for the historical and cultural stories Downtown cairo has to offer.

Please tell us about the brand in relation to the locality or market where the product / service is distributed

Kiosks Supermarkets Hypermarkets Grocery Stores Mini Marts Gas Stations Local Corner Stores Commissaries All across Egypt.


Name Company Role
Amr Tharwat Icon Creations Digital Agency Production, Director and Videography
Sarah Taha Icon Creations Digital Agency Strategic Planner
Amal Adel Icon Creations Digital Agency Project Management
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