2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryLive Shows / Concerts / Festivals
Media Placement MAGNA Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

TRESemmé is a brand with purpose which is equipping women to make their presence count. In October, we highjacked “El Gouna Film Festival” (GFF) where all the starts flaunt their fashion trends and hairdo’s. Our campaign “Steal the lights” gave the chance to our target audience (destiny shapers) to make their presence truly count. We picked 5 of them to feature their passion for fashion at GFF and produced their sketch dresses by one of the leading local fashion designers in Egypt. Displaying them at the heart of GFF in fashion avenue. Empowering them to experience the essence of the


With women being bombarded with tons of empowerment messages, how can TRESemme’s brand purpose stand out from all the clutter? We wanted to not just preach our purpose but also practice it. Taking the philosophy of the brand a step further than its functionality, enabling it to act as a facilitator to allow the destiny shapers to make their presence count, bringing them firsthand brand experience. While utilizing our global heritage of being involved with New York Fashion week.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

TRESemmé has sponsored GFF in 2018 succeeding to prove our presence among all the other sponsors. Yet, with a new round of the festival we needed to take things up a notch. With the brand purpose as the main essence of the campaign we wanted to grant our destiny shapers the chance to steal the lights of GFF. We wanted to give them a true brand experience while expressing presence. We challenged them to put their best and most authentic self forward showcasing their passion for fashion to steal the lights and be the talk of town. We called for all fashion enthusiast to send us their dresses sketches for a chance to have them produced by one of Egypt’s prominent fashion designers “Noureen Farah”. Not only that but also display them at the Fashion Avenue for all the stars to view and have our destiny shapers act as trend

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Since our destiny shapers have a go getter attitude, we wanted to empower this by allowing them the chance to flaunt their passion for fashion through our steal the lights competition. For the larger audience we fed their sense of pride of being a source of knowledge and experience to others by bringing the festival behind the scenes first to them. Keeping them up to speed with the GFF activities and give them an all-inclusive festival experience. Watching the hair dos of the stars before they hit the red carpet. We created content that was thumb stopper and opted to mobile first. Flaunting our onground activities on social media; the “Stars Salon” experience with El Sagheer, or our blow dry bar welcoming walk-ins. In addition to having first hand brand experience through our makeup filter that brought the glam of the festival to the comfort of their homes.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

While fledging our campaign we had couple of building blocks in mind; mobile first approach, UGC and serving the purpose of the brand all in 1 month. Our campaign was fledged on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We utilized twitter as it’s known for being a solid platform with promising results for live shows. Apart from showcasing our onground activities on all fronts and utilizing YT masthead to cultivate awareness. Our technique was; (1) Invitation; to participate in the competition, (2) Materialization; picking the sketches by Jamila Awad and turning them into dresses by Noureen Farah (3) Celebration; displaying the dresses on fashion avenue and (4) Amplification; through cairo gossip, Vogue Magazine and lastly having Hala Shiha pick one of those dresses for the closing ceremony.

List the results (30% of vote)

Our competition was live for 1 week with 1 asset promoting it, yet we were able to receive over 300 dresses. The campaign also generated quite the buzz with Scope Empire & Vogue Magazine writing about our campaign.The highlight was Egyptian actress Hala Shiha who noticed the displayed dresses and chose one to wear for the finale. Driving awareness to our displayed dresses & to the aspiring designers. The campaign achieved over 132M IMPs. The Trending Hashtag achieved over 3.5M IMPs with an engagement rate 3% & 50.9% VTR on twitter promoted video. Facebook AR Filter reached over 8M users & had an engagement rate of 13% which is 86% higher than the BM not to mention the AR filter was captured over 2.3K times. YT masthead achieved over 75M IMPs accounting for over 3.5M views. Overall, TRESemme grew by 207% and witness & increase in shares by +60 Bps


Name Company Role
Lamia Naguib Unilever Creative and Production
Sally El Zeiny Unilever Creative
Soha Abousabh Unilever Creative
Manal Seoudy Unilever Creative
Amira Abaza Magna Egypt Media
Mai Ashour Magna Egypt Media